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35 Kool Aid Recipes for Play

Kool Aid is not just to make a kids drink! You can use it to make some super creative Kool Aid Recipes for Play, dye Easter eggs, and make a whole slew of play recipes for kids activities. Here are 35 Awesome Ways to Use Kool Aid!

35 Kool Aid Recipes - tons of fun, clever ways to use kool aid with kids activities from kool aid paint, kool aid playdough, kool aid slime, kool aid foam, kool aid rice, kool aid cookies, and so many more!

Kool Aid Recipes for Play

Who knew you could make so many amazing things from kool aid? These 35+ Kool Aid Recipes for Play are sure to be a hit with your kids!
kool aid recipes

Kool Aid Recipes to Eat

  1. Kool Aid Slushies from Mom Advice
  2. Kool Aid Candy Dots from Smart School House
  3. Kool Aid Yogurt Pops from In Katrina’s Kitchen
  4. Kool Aid Rock Candy from Snippets of Design
  5. Kool Aid Meringue Cookies from Smart School House
  6. Kool Aid Popcorn from Tasty Kitchen
  7. Kool Aid Ice cream from Mommy’s Kitchen
  8. Kool Aid Snow Cone Syrup from The Domestic Diva
  9. Kool Aid Taffy from Cook’n
  10. Kool Aid Pickles from A Taste of Home
  11. Kool Aid Cookies from The Happier Homemaker
kool aid play dough recipes

Kool Aid Recipes for PLAY

  1. Kool Aid Dyed Eater Eggs
  2. Kool Aid Eruptions Learn Play Imagine
  3. Kool Aid Dyed Pasta from Mama Miss
  4. Kool Aid Paint from Sow Sprout Play
  5. Kool Aid Scented Sand from Momma’s Fun World
  6. Kool Aid Slime from Growing a Jeweled Rose
  7. Kool Aid Bubbles
  8. Scented Fizzy Paint from Blog Me Mom
  9. Kool Aid Scratch & Sniff Paint from Growing a Jeweled Rose
  10. Kool Aid Dyed Rice from Teach Preschool
  11. Kool Aid Tie Dyed T-shirts from  One Hundred Dollars a Month
  12. Kool Aid Playdough from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  13. Kool Aid Hair Dye from Surviving the Stores
  14. Kool Aid Finger Paint
  15. Sudsy Goop from Blog Me Mom
  16. Kool Aid Snow Paint
  17. Dye Yarn with Kool Aid from Heyjenrenee
  18. Kool Aid Paintings from Come Together Kids
  19. Kool Aid Foam
  20. Kool Aid Dyed Silks from Tried and True Blog
  21. Kool Aid Puffy Paint from Sugar Aunts
  22. Kool Aid Colored Glue from Momma’s Fun World
  23. Kool Aid Science Eruptions from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
  24. Koool Aid Lip Gloss

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