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Famous Artists Art Projects for Kids

When it comes to homeschool art education, you’ve got to try doing a few famous artists art projects! When you teach your kids about art using famous artists as inspiration, you’re not just teaching them about art. You’re also teaching them about history as well! If you’re ready to get your little artists on the path to creating unique pieces, here are some famous artists art projects for kids to get started with.

25 Famous Artist Art Projects for Kids - kids will have fun learning about famous artists like money, van gogh, mondrian, and more with these fun, hands-on, and creative art projects for kids. #famousartists #artprojects #homeschoolart


Famous Artists Art Projects for Kids

There are so many famous artists to look at for inspiration. Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Henri Mattise — to name a few. All of these artists had a unique style they were famous for, including styles such as pointillism, paper cutouts, or using primary colors. When you use these famous artists art projects for kids, you’re giving your children a chance to experiment with all of the different styles. Soon, you’ll notice your kids developing their own styles, using a combination of different artists as inspiration. Here are 20 art projects you can get started with.


  1. Jackson Pollock Art for Kids – Jackson Pollock is a famous artist who specializes in abstract painting, including a style called dripping. Your kids will have a blast creating art using this artist’s unique style as a guide.
  2. Famous Artists: Picasso – Here is an art project your kids can have fun with in order to learn all about Picasso!
  3. Picasso Craft Felt Art – When you think about famous artists, Picasso probably comes to mind. Now, your kids can develop a love for Picasso’s famous style with this felt art project!
  4. Three Art Projects for Kids – Here are three art projects inspired by famous artists that your kids will love experimenting with!
  5. Piet Mondrian Suncatchers – these are beautiful suncatchers that are easy and fun to emulate Mondrian’s style.
  6. Kadinsky Inspired Fall Art Project for Kids – Here’s a fun art project that will teach your kids all about Wassily Kadinsky’s art style! What makes it even better is that it’s a fall project, making it perfect for the start of the school year!
  7. Mondrian Music and Art Projects for Kids – This artist uses primary colors to create his masterpieces, and now your kids can too!
  8. Paul Klee Kids Art – This abstract artist loved using color and shape in his paintings. Your children will get the chance to experiment with his art style when you use this fun project.
  9. Claude Monet Inspired Water Lilies Painting for Kids – You’ll be impressed with how your kids art project turns out once they’re done creating this water lilies work of art.
  10. Pointillism fall leaf art – these beautiful leaves can be used to teach all about the style of pointillism, and kids love it!art-projects-for-kids
  11. Van Gogh Starry Night Art Project for Kids – Starry Night is an iconic painting by famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. Your kids will get the chance to create their own Starry Night stylized after this painting.
  12. Medieval Artist Giotto – This art project is sure to be a blast. Your kids will get to create a tapestry styled after the famous medieval artist Giotto!
  13. Kids get Arty: Textile Art for Kids with Janet Bolton – Here’s an art project that lets your kids explore textile art!
  14. Matisse Collage Craft for Kids – This famous artist used paper cutouts to create beautiful collages. Not only can your child also create wonderful art like this artist, they’ll also get to practice their fine motor skills as they cut out the paper to use in their collages.
  15. Louise Nevelson framed sculptures – using regular objects from home, recreate a framed sculpture that would look great in any room! Kids will be proud of how uniform their sculptures look after spray painting them.
  16. Van Gogh Sunflower Art Project – Take a look at this beautiful art project styled after Van Gogh. Your kids will create sunflowers, just like Van Gogh did in his painting.
  17. 3 Ingredient Kids’ Paint, Monet Style – This 3-ingredient paint is easy to make and helps your kids create art like the famous painter, Monet!
  18. Georgia O’Keefe Art Study: Poppy Collage Art Project – This poppy art project will become a favorite for your kids. They’ll be proud of their masterpieces that look exactly like Georgia O’Keefe’s masterpieces.
  19. Famous Artists Fun: Seurat – Your kids will love using melted crayons to recreate art styled after Seurat. These paintings will help them learn all about pointillism in a fun way!
  20. Eric Carle paper flower garden – in true Eric Carle style, colorful paper, embellishments and paint creates a cute garden of flowers that look brilliant when displayed in the homeschool room!
  21. Kids Get Arty: Exploring Klimt – Klimt is a famous artist that loves using different colors, shapes and patterns to create his works of art. Your kids will get to do the same with this art project.
  22. Matisse Valentine’s Art Projects – Matisse is a famous painter who used a unique style to create his work. He used painted cutouts to create his works of art. Your kids will get to use this style to create Valentine’s Day art, a project they’ll cherish forever.
  23. Arthur Dove Abstract Art Project for Kids – Teach your kids all about abstract art using Arthur Dove as inspiration!
  24. Famous Artists: Monet – Don’t forget to add Monet to your list of famous artists art projects to do with your kids!
  25. Mark Rothco color play – Experiment with multiple colors on the easiest medium ever – cardboard! Kids will love to observe their finished artwork when the bright colors are displayed.


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Art is a wonderful way for kids to express themselves. When you use these famous artists art projects for kids, you’re giving your kids a way to experiment with different styles. Eventually, they’ll develop their own art style, creating wonderful works of art that you’ll be proud to display around the home.


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