Category - Famous Artists

Texture Snow Painting

Texture is one of the basic elements of art. And, your child is going to learn about it! Not only is she going to learn about texture, but she’ll also explore the science of seasons (winter, that is)...

Picasso Craft Felt Art

Pablo Picasso is one of the most well-known of the famous artists. That said, chances are that your young child may not have heard of him. While Picasso worked primarily in paints, this kids’ Picasso...

Paul Klee Kids Art

Kids of all ages will have fun learning about Paul Klee with this famous artist art project for kids.

Kadinsky Inspired Fall Art Project for Kids

Wassily Kandinsky, the abstract expressionist artist, is well-known for his concentric circles. Your child can study the art of Kandinsky, while creating her own artist-inspired painted collages...

Matisse Collage Craft for Kids

Famous artist activities for kids can go well beyond just painting. Your little artist can use paper to make a colorful collage, ala Henri Matisse!  

Pointillism Art Project for Kids

The pointillist painters of the past may have used brushes to get their colorful patterned look. But, that doesn’t mean your child has to! Combine art with math and music (yes, music) into one...

Matisse Valentines Art Projects

Kids of all ages will enjoy this fun Valentines Day Craft that will help them explore the style of famous artists Matisse.  This is such a great art project!

3 Ingredient Kids’ Paint – Monet Style

Maybe I’ve done too many famous artist lessons (perhaps a hazard of teaching children’s art classes at a museum?), but I always like to add ‘something’ extra to these types of activities. So, this...

Medieval Artist Giotto

As part of our homeschool history for kids  unit on middle ages for kids  we explored Medieval Art & Music by learning about famous artists Giotto, creating a medieval tapestry, creating our own...

Tissue Paper Monet Art Project

Teaching kids about famous artist money with great books, free pritnable report forms, and lots of hands on art projects.