January 25, 2024
Pointillism Art Project for Kids

Pointillism Art Project for Kids


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The pointillist painters of the past may have used brushes to get their colorful patterned look. But, that doesn’t mean your child has to! Combine art with math and music (yes, music) into one ‘famous artist’ activity. How?

Pointillism Art Project for Kids - this is such a fun craft for kids to help them explore famous artists like Seurat and Signac with this kids activities perfect for your summer bucket list, homeschool, or classical conversations coop


Let’s start with a bit about pointillism.

With a quick Internet search you can bring up plenty of pictures from this artistic movement. Look for works by the founding fathers of the technique – Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. Ask your child to look at the images (you can also find reproductions in art books at the library or – if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby – visit an art museum that is showing works in this genre). Talk about what your child sees, asking her open-ended questions such as, “How do you think the artist made this?” or, “What do you see going on in this artwork?”


Now it’s time to start the art-making! This activity is a no-paintbrush-included project. Instead of a fine brush, your child is going to use the bottom of a pen. But, you can’t just use any pen. Well, technically you can. But, if you want to get the full effect use a push/click retractable pen. It doesn’t matter of the pen is blue, black, red or any other color. Your child will be using the part that she pushes down (on the opposite side of the ink) only.

Pointillism Art Project for Kids

pointillism kids activiites to help kid learn math, art and music

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • retractable pen
  • Tempera paint
  • Card stock paper (I like to use card stock because it’s thicker than construction paper and holds more paint)

Pointillism art projects for kids

Here’s What to Do:
1. Pour the paint onto a palette (or use a piece of wax paper – it works well as an inexpensive barrier). Make quarter-sized pools.

2. Dip the click-able end of the pen into the paint.
use a pen to paint circles on a paper to make pointillism art project

3. Press the paint-covered pen onto the paper. As your child presses it down it leaves behind a dot – or point.

4. Continue! Your child can create patterns (exploring math) and make larger shapes. She can make a tree, flower, face or anything else that she wants. As your child presses the pen down on the paper it will make a noise. She can create her own rhythm (again, sing patterns) and even make up a song.
seasons craft for kids using pointillism famous artists style
Your child can use realistic colors or a whole rainbow of hues. In between pressing the pen down on the paper, simply wipe the paint off with a towel. She can fill up the entire paper or make a few different designs.
sample of famous artists report from Jackson Polluck

Grab our artist report to help kids write down what they learn about famous arists and add a picture of their art project to make a fun keepsake of their homeschool art appreciation class. 



Famous artists for kids

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