Where do I live?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Where do I live?

As I wrapped up our Social Studies: Expanding Horizons unit with Goofy (Kindergarten) I found this nifty idea from Counting Coconuts. We had already read through Me on the Map and Where do I Live , but this was a great visual & the perfect way to wrap things up!
Social Studies: Expanding Horizons unit - such a fun hands on project with FREE template to help kids understand where they live in their street, city, state, country, continent, planet (kindergarten, expanding horizons)

Our Where do I live project was the perfect way for my Kindergartner to visualize our Expanding Horizons unit in Homeschool Social Studies.
Click to download Expaning Horizons free printable
Our Home – he drew a picture of him next to his home
Our Street
Our Street (glued construction paper shapes to make homes)
Our City (glued pictures from around our city)
Our State
Our State (map & what Illinois is known for: Land of Lincoln, Chicago/Sears Tower, Corn)
Our Country
Our Country (I found this searching Google images to help show Goofy where our state was in the country)
Our Continent
Our Continent: This is free clipart from Philip Martin
Our Planet
Our Planet: Earth (I found this searching Google pictures; Goofy colored it in)

Fantastic Expanding Horizons Books:

Me on the Map - This book is ideal for the Preschool crowd. Simple to the point text & beautiful illustrations are sure to help your little one begin to grasp expanding horizons.

Where Do I Live? - This book takes expanding horizons to the next level. There is more text and explanation. They include neighborhoods, suburb/city,galaxy, and universe. Kindergarten resource.

>> Download Expanding Horizons Template <<

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