Bug Unit #2 - Spiders

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bug Unit #2 - Spiders

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We have been having so much fun in our hands on Science unit! We have been reading lots of great books, doing fun crafts, lots of fun activities, free printables, and more. It has been a lot of fun to have a science study that my toddler, preschooler, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grader can all do together. This week we are studying Spiders. Son't miss our huge obstacle course spider web.
Spider Unit - 6 fun, hands on activities for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids covering science, spider crafts, math, and more.

Hands on Science Unit for Kids

For our Bug Unit we used Janice Van Cleave’s Play and Find Out about Bugs.

It has fun, creative, interesting, and educational ideas for kids 3-7 years old to explore BUGS. It was the perfect way to have some Science fun with all three of my kiddos Tinker Bell (2), Minnie (4), and Goofy (7).

Of course I added some crafts, good books, and snacks, and other learning activities to create a full theme! (Click for all Bug Unit posts)

Giant Spider Web Obstacle Course for Preschoolers

Giant Spider Web Obstacle Course for Preschoolers
I decided to create some excitement from the moment they woke up! As soon as they walked down the stairs they ran into a HUGE (Mommy made) spider web! There was even a giant spider in the web – eek! The kids LOVED going through the web obstacle course trying not to get stuck. Tinker Bell liked to climb into the middle & just sit – it was too cute!  (I used black painters tape which looked great, was sticky to resemble a web, but came off the walls EASILY!)

chilling out in the spider webtrying to make it through

Hands on Spider Math for Preschool and Kindergartners

hands on Spider math for preschool and Kindergarten
SPIDER MATH! For Minnie (4) I write a number and Minnie had to put the correct number of spiders on the web. For Goofy (1st Grade) he rolled a dice and put that many spiders on the first web. Then he rolled the dice again and put that many spiders on the second web. Than he completed the addition problem to find out how many spiders there were altogether.  It was simple, effective, and FUN! Click here to download the Preschool & Addition Spider Math Sheets.

Spider Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Spider Hand Art for Toddlers  Finger Art Spider Craft for Kids 
We made some spider art! Tinker Bell (2) made spider hand art. I painted her palm & 4 fingers black. Then we pressed it onto the paper. We did the same with the other hand but so that her palm overlapped with the palm already on the paper. We added some googly eyes and done  – cute right! Minnie made thumbprint spiders. She also added 8 legs (4 on each side), spider silk from which they dangle, and google eyes. I don’t know which project I like better – they both turned out so cute!

Classic Spider Movie for Kids

We read the classic book Charlotte’s Web by E. R. White that every child should read at least once. Both Minnie (4) and Goofy (7) enjoyed it thoroughly. Goofy cracked me up during the part where Wilbur finds out pigs get slaughtered Goofy said Oh, NO! But…. pigs are so delicious! That’s my meat-loving boy =-)  We also watched the movie for family movie night. I really enjoyed this movie and it was very true to the book – beautifully done!

Spiders for Kids

We learned that spiders are NOT insects as they only have 2 body parts (insects have 3: head, abdomen, thorax) and 8 legs (insects only have 6). We also learned about a Spider’s life cycle (using the great lifecycle free printable from 2 Teaching Mommies – see link below). Finally we learned about spider webs and their uses.

Spider Hunt Nature Activity

Spider Hunt Nature ActivitySpider Hunt Nature Activity
We observed spider webs in our backyard – in their natural habitat. The kids loved running around with their magnifying glass on a spider hunt!

Spider Books for Kids

These were our favorite spider books & resources we used:

Glow in the Dark Spider Web Activity for Kids

Glow in the Dark Spider WEb Craft for Halloween and spider study Finally we made a glowing spider web to hang in the kids rooms! This was by far our favorite bug project!! Click here to find out how we made this.

Spider & Bug Printables and Resources

Our unit was focused on Science, but you could easily do a whole week theme using one of these great Tot/Preschool Packs here.


  1. How cute!! I've seen the handprint spider floating around pinterest and was planning on doing that with my daughter. I love the fingerprint spiders too! I hadn't seen that one. We may have to do that one too!!

  2. I found this awesome site last week and now I have lost it but you take 3 twigs and string and you make a triangle. You find an area that has spiders and you place or hang your Spider Web Builder there and then observe the spiders building a nest or you

  3. I thought I would love your finger print spiders (I do) but I LOVE that real live spider web!! And looks like the kids had great fun too!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. I love your spider activities, Beth! Thanks for so generously sharing your spider addition and counting printables. I featured your addition printable today in my post at PreK + K Sharing: http://www.prekandksharing.blogspot.com/2013/10/montessori-inspired-spider-activities.html

  5. Looks like so much fun! Pinning this so we can use it in the next week or two!