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Spiders for Kids

Kids will have fun exploring spiders for kids with these fun spider theme filled with spider crafts, spider activities, and lots of themed educational activities for a bug or insect unit. This spider theme for preschoolers, toddlers, kindergartners, and first grade students is perfect during October.

Kids will have fun exploring spiders for kids with these fun spider theme filled with spider crafts, spider activities, and lots of themed educational activities for a bug or insect unit. This spider theme for preschoolers, toddlers, kindergartners, and first grade students is perfect during October.

Spiders for Kids

Do your kids have a natural fascination with spiders? Spiders are fascinating! I know at first glance most moms just saw ew, a spider! These amazing insects make silk inside their body, weave their own spider web in about an hour, and these hard workers catch their own food.  Whether you want to use these spider themed ideas for a spider unit, fun Halloween activities, or as part of a larger bugs and insects unit, our Spiders for kids is resources for toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and grade 1 students.

All About Spiders for Kids

For our Bug Unit we used lots of ideas in Play and Find Out about Bugs. It has fun, creative, interesting, and educational ideas for kids 3-7 years old to explore BUGS. It was the perfect way to have some Science fun with all three of my young children pictured at 2, 4, and 7.

Of course I added some crafts, good books, and snacks, and other learning activities to create a full theme!

Giant Spider Web Obstacle Course for Preschoolers - Spider Web Game for Preschoolers

Spider Web Game for Preschoolers

I decided to create some excitement from the moment they woke up! As soon as they walked down the stairs they ran into a HUGE (Mommy made) spider web! There was even a giant spider in the web – eek! The kids LOVED going through the web obstacle course trying not to get stuck. Tinker Bell liked to climb into the middle & just sit – it was too cute!  (I used black painters tape which looked great, was sticky to resemble a web, but came off the walls EASILY!)

chilling out in the spider web
trying to make it through

This Spider Web Game for Preschoolers was such a hit! It was fun for them to feel like a spider or prey trying to navigate out of the spider web! Besides being fun, it is great for stretching and working on large motor muscles!

hands on Spider math for preschool and Kindergarten

Spider Math

This spider math for pre k and kindergarten was lots of fun. put the sheet in a page protector so we could write and erase with a dry erase marker.  You can use it in a variety of ways:

  • Spider Counting – Write a number on the mat and have your child count the spiders (plastic spiders, playdough spiders, or mini eraser spiders) and place the correct number of spiders on the web.
  • Spider Addition – Roll one dice and write the  number rolled on the first line. Count out the same number of spiders to place on the first web. Now roll again and write the addend on the 2nd line; again count  out as many spiders as you rolled and place on the printable. Finally, add the numbers together to get the sum. If you count all the spiders on the webs what number do you get
  • Spider Addition 2 – You can do the same procedure as the spider addition game, but this time have your student roll 2 dice at a time for larger numbers to add together.

>> Click here to print the Preschool & Addition Spider Math Sheets  <<

Spider Hand Art for Toddlers  Finger Art Spider Craft for Kids

Preschool spider craft

We made two different spider crafts for preschoolers.  One was a spider handprint art project and the other was a fingerprint spider activity.

  • You can see how to make the super cute (and creepy) spider handprint craft in our tutorial here.
  • For the fingerprint spiders, you will need a piece of paper, black marker, washable ink (in the colors of your choosing) and little google eyes. Have your child place their thumb (or finger if you prefer) on the ink pad. No press your inked finger on the page to create the spider body. Repeat about 5 times. Now use a baby wipe or soap and water to help your child clean off their finger. Using a marker (crayons or colored pencils will also work). Draw a line from the top of the page to the spider – who is hanging from a silk thread. Now Add 4 legs to each side of the spider. Finally, once the ink has dried, use glue or sticky google eyes to give your cute spider craft eyes. How cute is that!

Classic Spider Movie for Kids

We read the classic book Charlotte’s Web by E. R. White that every child should read at least once. Both Minnie (4) and Goofy (7) enjoyed it thoroughly. Goofy cracked me up during the part where Wilbur finds out pigs get slaughtered Goofy said Oh, NO! But…. pigs are so delicious! That’s my meat-loving boy =-)  We also watched the movie for family movie night. I really enjoyed this movie and it was very true to the book – beautifully done!



Spider Books for Kids

We read some fun spider books for kids including both educational books and silly books. We learned that spiders are NOT insects as they only have 2 body parts (insects have 3: head, abdomen, thorax) and 8 legs (insects only have 6). We also learned about a Spider’s life cycle and about spider webs and their uses.

Spider Hunt Nature ActivitySpider Hunt Nature Activity

Spider Hunt Nature Activity

We observed spider webs in our backyard – in their natural habitat. The kids loved running around with their magnifying glass on a spider hunt!

Glow in the Dark Spider WEb Craft for Halloween and spider study

Glow in the Dark Spider Web Activity for Kids

Finally we made a glowing spider web to hang in the kids rooms! This was by far our favorite bug project!! Click here to find out how we made this.

spider slime recipe Spider Shape Worksheets Count to 10 Spider Playdough Mats

Spider Activities for Kids

bug counting bookFree Catch 20 Bug Counting Game 

bug coloring pages Make practicing sights words FUN with this cute Bug Sight Words Game for preschool, pre k, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students to practice common dolche words.   i spy bugs printable

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