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Do you enjoy creating themed weeks in your homeschool studies? If you are learning about all things apples, you will love this set of apple tree coloring pages to help your kids practice addition! This set is designed to teach kids number bonds and increase fact fluency. Plus, coloring is so much more fun than writing out lots of math problems!
FREE Apple Addition Coloring Pages - these are such a clever twist on math worksheets making it fun for preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kids to practice math. Perfect back to school, September, or fall learning activity for kids.

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Addition Number Bonds:

Number bonds (which are taught in Singapore math) are also known as fact families. Number bonds are a way to understand or visually represent addition facts using a part-part-whole model.

Teaching addition using number bonds helps with fact fluency, as kids become so familiar with them, they can recall facts almost instantly.

I generally focus on all the number bonds for a particular number before moving on.

For example, the number bonds of 5 would be 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1 and 5+0.

If kids are familiar with each of these, moving to subtraction is no problem. They simply figure out which piece of the equation is missing (i.e. 5 - 3 = ? is no problem if a child knows 2+3 = 5).

Decomposing numbers using number bonds and learning the facts not only prepare kids for subtraction, but also develops their number sense. This will prepare them for more challenging math down the road.

Apple addition coloring pages

Apple Addition Coloring Pages:

This set of addition coloring pages includes one page for each of the numbers from 2-10. On each page, kids color all the apples in the tree with facts that are equal to the given number.

For example, on the page where they are to look for facts equal to 2, they would color the 2+0, 0+2 and 1+1 apples.

Seeing all the facts for a given number will help kids solidify their understanding and recognition of these number bonds.

And the fun apple theme is perfect for Fall, so this would be the perfect way to weave some math into your Fall festivities.

For instance, you can use these coloring pages along with the story of Johnny Appleseed (featured on the pages). Or simply as a fun and unique way to practice and recognize number bonds. You might also like these hands on number bond pages using apple slices.

This set of addition practice pages can be used with kindergartners or first graders who are beginning to learn addition facts. Or this would be a great beginning of the year review for second grade.

If you're looking for another fun and unique way to see number bonds, combine math and art with these number bond rainbows!

Addition Fun for Kids

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