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50 Ocean Crafts for Kids

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Kids will have fun making this clever and unique ocean crafts this summer. There are tons of ideas from dioramas, fish crafts, crab projects, octopus art, oyster crafts, and so much more!

50 Ocean Crafts for Kids - so many creative, unique, and fun ideas for fish, sharks, octopus, turtles, wales, jellyfish, dioramas, and more! Perfect summer craft for kids: toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade. Love these art projects!

Summer is always a great time to dive into an ocean theme with toddlers, preschooler, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students. The warm weather makes them think of visiting the beach with their family on vacation and the huge ocean that stretches out as far as you can see from the sandy shoreline.  It is a great time to explore life in the ocean, aquatic animals,  creatures that live on the beach, and more! These super cute and fun to make ocean crafts are a fun way to expand on your child’s natural interest!


Ocean Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for a super cute, creative, and unique Ocean Crafts for Kids you are going to love these ideas!

General Ocean Crafts

Whether you want your kids to visualize how all the animals live in the ocean with a diorama, or just want to play and craft with a variety of ocean life, you will have fun with these ocean activities for kids!


Fish Crafts

Make some truly beautiful and creative fish projects with these ideas. Whether you want to focus on colorful favorites or clever techniques like the puffer fish projects – we’ve got something for everyone in your family to make together!

crab crafts and sea horse art projects for kids

Crab / Sea Horse Crafts

Children have a natural fascination with cute little crabs. They scurry along in the sand, moving side to side instead of forward and backward like most creatures. Plus they are so cute with their many legs, large eyes, and pinchers. These fun projects are sure to be a hit with your toddlers, preschoolers, prek, kindergartners, grade 1, and grade 2 students.

jelly fish and squid crafts for kids

Jellyfish & Squid Crafts

Make sure you watch a jelly fish video or visit your local aquarium so kids can marvel at the delicate beauty and grace of these stunning animals. Jellyfish have no brain, heart or blood – but they are amazing aquatic animals that are beautiful and sometimes deadly. These fun crafts for kids are sure to excited your kids this summer.


Shark / Oyster / Whales / Turtle Crafts

Next, let’s not forget some of kids favorite animals. We have craft projects featuring the largest animal on earth – the whale, a remarkable predator – shark, beautiful sea turtles,  and remarkable clams that make beautiful pearls used for jewelry.


Octopus Crafts for Kids

Finally, let’s not forget about another kid favorite animal – the octopus! With their 8 arms, variety of colors, ability for jet propulsion, defense mechanism of spraying ink, and interesting movements – octopus are a must for our list of summer crafts to make with kids.


All About Whales and Dolphins lesson for kids. Printable information, facts, worksheets, label the whale, whale life cycle and more!   Fish for kids lesson plan filled with tons of fun information and facts including shape, camouflage, life cycles, label anatomy, tests, experiments on swim bladder / buoyancy, lateral lines, and more! HUGE Ocean Unit for elementary and middle school kids to learn about the ocean and aquatic animals with engaging lessons, hands on science experiments, worksheets, report templates, creative writing templates, and more!

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Ocean Color by Number Worksheet Free Octopus Color Matching

Ocean Activities for Kids

Looking for more ocean activities for kids? You will love these clever, free resources and ideas:

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