3 Awesome Ways to Encourage a Love of Reading in your Children

Do your kids naturally love to read? If not, don’t despair! Here are 3 awesome ways to encourage a love of reading in your children even if they hate reading!

Not all kids take to reading as easily as others. One of the ways to get kids to love reading is to pick good books! Here are some book recommendations:


Encourage a Love of Reading in your Children

1. Family Reading Times in the Evenings

Instead of turning on the television to watch movies or shows in the evening, open up a book together.

Spend the evening curled up listening to various great books being read aloud. Chat about the characters and plots over dinner and wonder what’s going to happen tonight. To make it even more pleasant, pop up some popcorn or make some hot chocolate. Let the children play quietly with blocks, work on a puzzle, or knit. Pass the book around and give everyone a chance to read aloud to the family.

Build beautiful family memories of quiet evenings enjoying a good book together.


2. Find Easy Books to Read

Finding challenging books to read during school hours is great. It builds children’s reading ability. However the work involved in reading difficult books doesn’t lend itself to an enjoyable afternoon curled up with a good book.

Look for easy books for your children to read during their free time. Look for series the children can lose themselves inside of and forget the time. Let them ride horses, sail the seas, or fly off to distant places without fighting to read every other word.

Challenging books have their time and place, but allow kids to read easier books during their free time.

3. Visit the Library Often

The library is a haven of good books. There are stacks of interesting stories. Shelves are full of fascinating facts. Make visiting the library a part of your regular routine to visit the library every week.

Be careful not to dash in and dash out. Instead spend time in the library. Let your children wander the stacks. Give them time to handle the books, smell the books, and read the book. Encourage the kids to find books to take home from a young age.

Even little toddlers adore leaving the library carrying a favorite dinosaur or sparkly book for Mommy and Daddy to read to them later that day. These 3 tips will encourage a fascination with books and a love of reading in your children. What is your favorite way to encourage a love of reading in your children?

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