Spin Art Flower Craft for Kids

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spin Art Flower Craft for Kids

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We came up this fun twist on spin art to make a beautiful spring flower craft for kids.
Spin Art Flower Craft for Kids - This is such a fun to make craft for kids that produces beautiful flowers for a toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age spring craft for kids.

This beautiful spring flower craft for kids is so fun and easy to make. Your kids will want to make a whole bouquet of these pretty, unique flowers!

How to Make Spin Art

Have you made spin art yet? It’s really easy & FUN to do.

how to make salad spinner art for kids

Put a piece of construction paper or a coffee filter like we did in the basket inside a salad spinner.
Add some paint.

toddler arts and crafts

Spin away.

rainbow crafts for kids


Spin Art Tips and tricks for kids crafts

Here are a couple Spin Art Tips:

  • Lots of small blobs in the middle or drizzling it across the paper works best.
  • Don’t put too much paint or you’ll just end up with a big ball of paper and lots of wasted paint at the bottom.
  • You don’t want to spin too long or too fast or the colors completely blend. You want to do it 5-9 times slowly to create a beautiful mix of colors.
  • Don’t use your good salad spinner! Use one you find at a garage sale, your pitching, or you find at a dollar store.

Coffee Filter Salad Spinner Craft for Kids is fun to make and so beautiful too.

Let your paper dry.

Spring Flower Craft for Kids

To make your spring flower craft you will need a completely dried spin art made on a coffee filter and a large straw. [You can use any straw if you use a small rubberband to hold the flower closed & on the straw]
Spring flower craft with salad spun coffee filter

Pinch the middle on the underside of your spin art.

How to make a coffee filter flower

Now keep twisting the bottom and ruffling in the tissue paper together so it looks like a carnation.

step by step directions to make a salad spun flower craft for kids

Here is a view from the side so you can see what the bottom looks like.

Beautiful and simple flower craft for kids

Push the twisted bottom into a large straw. Repeat with additional spin art. [alternately you can use a small rubber band to to secure the twisted part and loop around the top of the straw.]

Mother's Day Craft of Spin Art flower makes a great mother's day gift!

The flowers make a lovely decoration for your table or a child’s room. Best part, your child made them and you don’t have to water them!

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