Presidents Day Ideas for Kids

Looking for clever ideas for teaching Presidents Day for Kids? You are going to love our clever crafts, free worksheets, and more! Plus don’t miss our other fun, creative, and hands-on  History for Kids units!

15 FUN, clever, and FREE ways to learn and play this Presidents Day

Presidents Day Ideas for Kids

Presidents Day is always the third Monday of February. On President’s Day we honor George Washington (it’s his birth month), Abraham Lincoln, and all those who have served our coutry in the roll of President of the United States of America. No matter what you think of a particular president there is no denying the huge weight and responsibility that comes with that job, the secrets and security they have for life, and the fact that you can never make everyone happy.


Presidents Mini-Unit for Kids

Start off by printing off our FREE Presidents Day Mini Unit filled with 44 worksheets and games to help kid have fun while learning about our American Presidents. You will find lots of creative writing choices including If I Were President, Acrostic Poems, and Famous Quotes. Plus children can design their own American coin, take a closer look at American coins in Money Bingo, and pick who they would add to the famous Mount Rushmore site.

Simple Presidents Coloring Pages

Younger kids will enjoy these simple FREE Presidents Day Coloring Pages with simple traceable text to give them just little snippets of information about what President’s Day is all about.

American President Coloring Book

This FREE President Coloring Book is a fun way to learn about a few specific presidents, or make a book and learn about all of our American presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump.

Patriotic Prek Pack

Patriotic Preschool Worksheets for Presidents Day
Younger kids will have fun learning with these FREE Patriotic Themed Worksheets.

Patriotic Subtraction Mats

Make practicing subtraction fun with these FREE Patriotic Subtraction Mats.

Presidents Day Spelling Practice

Bring a little Presidential fun to your spelling this week with these FREE President’s Day Create-a-Word. This is a great activity to help kids practice spelling and forming words.

Presidents Day Crafts

Kids will have fun learning about Presidents Day while creating these cute, fun memorable crafts!
  • Abraham Lincoln Craft – not just fun to make and take pictures with, this would be great to use as kids recite famous quotes from Abraham Lincoln from the Presidents Day Mini Unit.
  • Tricorn Hat Craft – fun for remembering the colonial times when George Washington was our first President
  • Printable Honest Abe Craft – Make this cute craft early and use it to decorate your school room for the month of February!
  • George Washington Plate Craft – such a fun way for remembering our first president on his birthday!
  • Red, White & Blue Science Project –  sneak some science with this fun and patriotic science experiment perfect for Presidents Day.
  • Painters Tape American Flag – This simple flag craft is a easy way to add some patriotism to Presidents Day
  • Serve up some patriotic pancakes for breakfast to kick start your day
  • In Washington D.C. (our nation’s capital), fireworks light up the sky on Presidents Day to celebrate. Make your own Ribbon Fireworks Craft for a truly beautiful and unique art project.

And if you are still looking for more, don’t miss our 20 FUN Presidents Day Crafts & Activities!

History Lessons for Kids

Our fun, hands-on and engaging homeschool history include not only clever activities to make history fun and memorable, but FREE printable worksheets and games too!

  • Mesopotamia History – learn about he cradle of civilization while making costumes, recipes, maps, their own wheeled transport replica, play the royal game of Ur, make raised reliefs, practice cuniform in clay, and construct their own zigurats!
  • Early Explorers contains activities and printables to relive the adventures of early explorers for kids as they become a viking with Leif Erickson, sale around the world with Magellan, head to China with Marco Polo, discover the New World with Columbus, and more!
  • Middle Ages for Kids. Build your own Medieval Castle, learn about the science of a catapult, dye silk, make peasant bread, find out the important roles of knights, make a bow and arrow, learn the origin of pretzels, making illuminated manuscripts, make artwork with egg paint and weaving simple tapestries .
  • Native Americans for Kids – explore various tribes as you create free printable book, make PVC tent, totem poles, Indian fry bread, husk dolls, recreate an archeological dig with arrow heads, and more!
  • Colonial America for Kids takes kids on a journey back to the first settlers in America – eat Gruel, makea Wattle & Daub house, create a tin lantern, write with a quill, make simple Johnny Cakes, make you own marbles, create traditional silhouette art projects, and more.
  • American Revolution for Kids.  In 4 units your students will learn what events lead up to the American Revolutionand famous figures will making dragon pistols, roll their own cartridges, working spy cipher, cold feet activity.
  • What was the Westward Expanion?  Hisotyr comes alive as they learn about the oregon trail, pony express, gold rush, transcontinental railroad, and more with printables and activities like making a covered wagon, homemade crackers, how to square dance, pan for gold, and make a railroad project.
  • Civil War for Kids We have recommendations for mapping and visiting famous battle sights nearby, printable civil war board game, make an informative emergent reader, create a flip book or people students should know, and complete some free printable Civil War worksheets.
  • United States for Kids – we have worksheets, games, state coloring pages and more to make learning about the USA fun!
  • Learn about the Children of the World and the countries they live in with our handy, FREE resources: country readers, map of the world for kids to print and label,  a printable countries of the world coloring book.

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