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FREE Preschool Fruit Math Skills

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Preschool math should be enjoyable for the student and the teacher. The first steps of number recognition and counting can be a fun time spent together by using many creative means.

FREE Preschool Fruit Math Skills - these free printable math worksheets for preschoolers are such a fun way for kids to practice counting to 10, adding, and so much more.

5 Ways to Teach Preschool Math

  1. Count everything. Yes, count everything. As your child walks up the steps ask him to count. While cooking, have your child count the eggs. Make it casual and not like a quiz.
  2. Playing with blocks. While building with your child, challenge your child to build a tower with a certain number of blocks. Once built, you can remove 1 or more blocks and ask your child how many you removed and how many are left.
  3. Calendar. Introduce your child to a calendar and ask him how many days in a week or how many days until an event.
  4. Noticing shapes. Go on a shape hunt and ask your child to find circles, squares, or triangles, in the house or even the backyard or park!
  5. Math scavenger hunt. Ask your child to gather a total of 3 fruit, 2 buttons, or 1 piece of paper. Once your child gathers items ask him how many buttons and paper there are altogether.
Fruit Preschool Math Worksheets

Fruit Math

Download the fruit themed math worksheets and share more fun math time with your preschooler. The friendly fruit will encourage your child to enjoy math rather than dread the subject. See more of our fun and FREE pre k worksheets!

The mini math pack includes:

  1. Graphing Fruit: Graphing causes the child to count and analyze the information which encourages mathematical thinking.
  2. Number Matching Game: Matching games encourage memory work. This matching game has the child matching the number to an amount of fruit promoting number recognition.
  3. Fruit Count: Simple worksheet the continues to encourage counting and number recognition.

When your child is ready for addition, you may want to try a wonderful addition and memory system called Learn My Addition Facts.

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Download Preschool Fruit Math Skills

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