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Melted Crayon Art for Kids to Make

Whether you have a stack of broken crayons laying about, you snagged a cheap box of crayons in a back to school sale, or you just want to make a really pretty color art project for kids – this Melted Crayon Art is sure to WOW both you and your kids. It is really simple to create a stunning crayon artwork by melting crayons on a canvas!

BEAUTIFUL and fun-to-make Melted Crayon Art This craft is fun for kids and adults to make and perfect to go along with the day the crayons quit or Harold's purple crayon #crayons #craft #artprojects

Melted Crayon Art

Perhaps you are learning color words with your toddler, preschooler, pre k, or kindergartens and were looking for a fun crayon art project. Or maybe you happened upon this fun art project seeing pictures of our project or others. Either way this melted crayon art project is fun and easy to make. You have endless possibilities as to what it will look like! So grab a canvas in a size that fits your space and budget, a box of crayons, a hair dryer, and an oven mitt and you are ready to try this crayon art project!


Crayon Artwork

I suggest starting by looking at pictures of projects that inspire you. There are lots of clever choices out there. We decided we wanted to make it look like fireworks of rainbow colors so we arranged our crayons by like colors. My homeschooled art students decided he didn’t like them straight across so we made a fun wavy pattern. We placed the crayons on canvas so we could get an idea of where they would look best.
super glue crayons on canvas
Then I used my handy, dandy hot glue gun my hubby got me for my birthday for the first time. I was so nervous I was going to burn myself, but it was actually VERY easy and quick – I should have asked for one sooner!! Plus it only costs like $9. I find I use it for so many things now! But I digress.

I recommend a hi/lo temp gun and to use under adult supervision

You will want to carefully lift one crayon up at a time and put a line of glue on the crayon and then place it back in the spot you assigned it. Repeat until all the crayons are firmly in place.

use a blow dryer to melt crayons so they drip crayon splatter art

Now grab your hairdryer . We found my low setting was not warm enough to melt the crayons. If you have young children (toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, first graders, 2nd graders) you will probably want to do this part as a parent. Older students can help. But I suggest having them wear oven mitts to protect their hand not only from the head of the hair dryer, but from any hot wax splatter that may occur. We kept our dryer a safe distance and contained our splatter to the canvas.

I feel like we crated a modern art masterpiece for kids!

Fun to make crayon art

Crayon Melting Art

You can see it is beginning to melt/drip. I found it worked best to hold it almost flat to get a section melty and then tilt it to allow the pools of melted wax to flow downward. This helped avoid some of the splatter. I would also advise newspaper or something underneath. (You can also do it in the oven. It is done in like 30 seconds at 250. Just use a glass or something to tilt it. I did this for a similar project I ‘ll share later… but the hair dryer was way more fun for this project!!)

Melted Crayon art - fun project for kids of all agesEasy Art Project for Kids

Here is our finished work of art!! Isn’t it COOL!! We decided it looked the coolest upside down so the colors looked like they were bursting up from the crayons; kind of like fireworks. We had soooooo much fun making this!! Maybe grandparents will get something like this next year for Christmas =-)

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