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FREE Race and Trace Alphabet Game

Have a child working on learning to write the letters of the alphabet?  Play this fun Race and Trace Alphabet game!  It’s perfect for your preschool or kindergarten-aged kiddo!
FREE Race & Trace Alphabet Game - this is such a fun way for preschool, prek, kindergarten age kids to practice writing their lettesr (homeschool)

Use this printable to play with two people, and make it a race or simply roll and trace the letters by yourself. Either way it is a great way to practice writing the letters of the alphabet.

This is a great alphabet activity for preschool, prek, and kindergarten age children!

The game is simple, roll the die and trace the letters! Love simple, no-prep alphabet games!

Race and Trace Alphabet Game

The game is simple, roll the die and trace the letters!
Along with the printable (in both uppercase and lowecase letters),  to play you’ll need markers and a die.


This easy alphabet activity also helps with letter recognition and counting skills!

Here are a couple options to try:

  • Grab different colored markers and trace the letters a new color every time you roll the die.
  •  laminate the printable for durability and to be re-used several times over.
writing letters

To play Race and Trace, you will roll the die and trace over that many letters.

The first to trace all the letters, wins!

Or, another way to play is to call out a letter and have your child trace that letter.

alphabet printables

However you decide to play, I hope your kiddo has fun working on the alphabet with this fun printable game!

Just print and trace!

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