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FREE! Find and Trace the Alphabet

These cute Find and Trace the Alphabet helps young children with letter recognition and letter formation. They include both upper case and lower case alphabets and are appropriate for Preschool and Kindergarten children.

FREE Find and Trace the Alphabet activity preschool, kindergarten, toddler, 1st grades. This alphabet activity free is a super cute printable in COLOR or BLACK & WHITE. These alphabet worksheet are fun and free for handwriting practice with upper case or lower case letters. #alphabet #letters #kindergarten

Trace Letters A to Z

These FREE Find and Trace the Alphabet can be adapted for children at various levels and come in color or black and white.

It’s quick and easy. Just print off the page you want to use and you’re ready to go! Choose between upper or lower case letters in either color or black and white.

Of course, if you want to get lots of use out of them laminate and then use them with dry erase markers or crayons.

Alphabet look and find free printable for preschool and kindergarten

Find and Trace

Look at the page together and focus on the different letters. What letters does your child recognize? Can they search through the page to find specific letters? Can they trace the letter shapes with their finger?

What about the alphabet strips at the bottom of the page? Can they sing the alphabet song to point to each letter in turn? Can they recite the order of the alphabet easily or are they just beginning to learn that skill?


Trace the alphabet

Younger children can simply trace each letter by tackling them in any order. If they know each letter, or can be reminded by another child or adult, it’s best for them to say the letter (for example, ‘jay’) or the letter sound (for example, ‘j’) while they’re tracing it.

If they have the stamina, they should then find that letter on the alphabet strip at the bottom and cross it off.

For children with greater confidence with letter recognition ask them to find and trace the letters in alphabetical order. In other words, start with A and work through to Z. Or ask them to find specific letters in random order. Or ask them to find the letters in their own name and start with those.

These free alphabet activities are great for preschool and kindergarten children. Practice letter recognition, letter formation and alphabetical order.

Decide on the level of difficulty

Neat or scrappy: How precise do you want the tracing to be? For some children, writing very neatly takes a lot of energy and concentration so you may need to either ask them to just trace a few letters at a time before taking a break, or else tell them it’s OK to not stay on the lines. There’s no reason this activity needs to be completed in one sitting so spread it out to suit your child’s abilities and motivation.

Upper or lower case: Children may be better at one than the other. Some teachers like to focus on lower case while others prefer to start children writing with upper case. Upper case letters are generally easier for children to form, but lower case letters are mostly what children see when learning to read. Either way, be aware that your child may prefer one over the other.

In order or random: It’s more challenging for children to work through the tracing in alphabetical order.

Checking off or not: Finding and marking off the letters at the bottom of the page gives them extra practice in letter recognition and alphabetical order, but for some children this might make the activity feel too difficult. In general, activities should be a bit of a challenge, but not so much that they’re disheartening.


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