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Foam Spelling Practice

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Do you have these foam letter puzzles somewhere hidden in a cupboard? Perhaps some of the inserts are lost and that is why it is not used anymore? Well, use it for this fun spelling and writing activity- foam puzzle words!

Foam Spelling Words is a fun hands on spelling activity that helps kids in kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade practice spelling words with any spelling list #spellingactivity #spellingpractice #spelling

Spelling Games


Foam Spelling Words

Use the outer pieces of the puzzles and build Foam Spelling Words! This creative spelling games is perfect if you did lose some of the pieces, right? You can mix the letters for the child so that he/she must unscramble the word.

foam letters spelling practice activity

Or, you can say a word and the child then pick out the letters of the word from the pile. Both methods will work on identifying the sounds and putting it in the right order. These skills are called segmenting and blending. Very important basic skills for reading. (I would suggest reducing the letter options for early readers or children with reading difficulties. Start with CVC, three letter words words and moving on to CVCC and CCVC, four letter words).

Spelling Practice

cvc words activity

Use the puzzle as a stencil for Spelling Practice. Write the word. This means the child will hear the word, put the word together and write the word. The more repetition, the better for memory too! A great way to practice spelling or sight words!

spelling activity for kids

A fun way to re-purpose foam letter puzzles for hands-on learning!

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