Disney Family Movie Night Kids Activities

Lady and the Tramp Family Movie Night

Our next Disney Family Fun Night was around the classic Disney movie – Lady and the Tramp. Come take a peak at our fun Lady and the Tramp inspired crafts, activities, and dinner.
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Lady and the Tramp Party

Our family loves everything Disney.  One of the ways you’ll see our love of Disney is our fun family movie nights like this Lady and the Tramp one here:

Dog Makeovers

Disney Lady and the Tramp Family Movie Night Ideas

We started out by “turning” our kids into dogs. We made a simple construction paper crown with floppy ears attached. Then I used an eyeliner pencil to make little noses on them. They were so cute!

Lady and the Tramp Games

Disney Lady and the Tramp Family Movie Night Ideas

I made a pound cage out of painters tape on the floor. Then my kids, with their dog ear hats, would run around and Daddy would try to catch them and stick them in the pound. If one of the kids snuck in the pound and touched the locked up dogs they would free them. The kids loved this game!

Lady and the Tramp Crafts

Disney Lady and the Tramp Family Movie Night Ideas   Disney Lady and the Tramp Family Movie Night Ideas

We made a spaghetti & meatball craft. The kids painted a paper plate red (for the pasta sauce). Then they added glue and cut pieces of yarn to be the pasta. Finally they glued on some red pom poms to be the meatballs. It looked super cute and was a fun craft for my kids ages 3, 6, and 8 to make.

STEM Spaghetti Activity

Disney Lady and the Tramp Family Movie Night Ideas

While I was making dinner the kids sat at the table and built out of spaghetti noodle. They used marshmallows to attach the pasta together and serve as joints. They made everything from snowman to squares to houses and bridges. It was a fun, creative activity.

Lady & The Tramp Themed Food

Disney Lady and the Tramp Family Movie Night Ideas

Of course we had to have homemade spaghetti and meatballs to go along with Lady and the Tramp!

Here’s our favorite Spaghetti & Meatballs recipe.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Cookies

For dessert I made these cute Spaghetti & Meatball cookies. Basically you take any cookie and top it with piped frosting to look like pasta (store bought cans work great). Then drizzle a little strawberry sauce on top for the pasta sauce and finish with some Whoppers for meatballs topped with some more “pasta”. They looked cute and the kids thought the were delicious.

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