Pilgrims for Kids

Teach kids about pilgrims in this fun, FREE hands on unit for kids of all ages! The unit includes printables, costumes, DIY marbles, johnny cakes recipe, writing with quills, and so much more!
Hands on Homeschool History learning about the Pilgrims with lots of history projects

In our second week of learning about the colonial america for kids in our homeschol history for kids  we are exploring the pilgrims. Sure we all have heard of the Pilgrims from Thanksgiving, but how much do you really know about them. In this week's study you will make some costumes, write with a quill, make your own marbles, try johnny cakes, and can print more pages to your free printable life in colonial america book. This study is perfect for your entire homescool family to do together.

Pilgrims for Kids Unit

The next Colonial settlement we read about were the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Easy Pilgrim Costumes for Kids

We made stereotypical costumes (easy Pilgrim hat tutorial here)
DIY Pilgrim Hats for Kids

Squanto and the Pilgrims Art Project

Squanto taught the Pilgrims to plant corn so we made a pictures showing his method by gluing a goldfish & 3 corn kernels topped with soil. I HIGHLY recommend Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving by Eric Metaxas. It is a beautiful, informative, and faith written book. There is a LOT about Squanto that I did not know!
Squanto teaches the pilgrims how to plant corn for homeschoolers

How to Write with a Quill History Project for Kids

We practiced writing like the Pilgrims did with a Quill feather. We made our authentic “ink” using dirt, water, and charcoal. It came out great and the kids thought it was hilarious!
How to Write with a Quill History Project for Kids

Colonial Food -Johnny Cakes

We also talked about Colonial food. Cooking was hard work and dangerous as they cooked over an open fire. They grew their own vegetables, made their own bread, milked cows for milk, churned mil to get butter, and used corn a lot! To reinforce we had Johnny Cakes, traditional colonial dish with corn (see Great Colonial American Projects for recipe). We also had Pumpkin Pie to celebrate the 1st Thanksgiving.
Colonial Food -Johnny Cakes

How to Make Marbles for Kids - Hands on Colonial America History Project

We read Samuel Eaton Pilgrim Boy to see what a day looked like for a Pilgrim boy. Then we talked about what Colonial life would have been like for kids.  Goofy thought it was HILARIOUS that boys wore dresses until they were 7! Then we made our own marbles to play with like Colonial kids did.
How to Make Marbles for Kids - Hands on Colonial America History Project

Colonial America Pilgrims Books to Read


FREE Life in Colonial America Printable Book

And we added these worksheets for kids to our Colonial America Book: Squanto being taken, Squanto helps the Pilgrims, Food in Colonial America, and Clothes in Colonial America.
FREE Life in Colonial America Printable Book for Homeschool Social STudies

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