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Pasta Turkeys

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Kids will have fun playing in this fall sensory bin of color pasta and then using the pasta to create a cute thanksgiving craft.
Fall Sensory

Pasta Turkeys

So this week we took the week off of structured activities. Goofy still did Math, writing & reading (as I believe daily practice is essential to achieve competency), but those don’t take long. But other than that they just had time to play, explore, create, and laugh as they saw fit. Now don’t get me wrong, even without a ‘structured’ week a lot still goes on! It is just more spontaneous and works around what we can find around our house!
Pasta Turkeys
I was so impressed with Goofy’s creativity & inginuity! He not only came up with the idea himself, he put his plan in action all by himself! And after 1 1/2 hours of no hearing a peep from him – he was ready to show me his creation. Apparently he was trying to make a puppet stage, but as the garbage was collected and taken to the curb that morning, we had no toilet paper rolls. He tried using popsicle sticks, but he wasn’t pleased with that either. So his creation consisted of a stage, blue pop pop buttons, and about 20 sheets of paper showing the story of Hansel & Gretel. I am one proud Mom!

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Then we made pasta turkeys.  First we put cooked pasta in a ziplock bag with a little olive oil & food coloring gel. Then we squished it around until we had our fall colored pasta. We glued together the Turkey body, mouth, googly eyes, and pasta feathers. Then we drew on the feet. The kids thought it was great fun!

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Then Tinkerbell enjoyed a fall sensory activity by digging in & exploring the colorful pasta.

Fall Sensory
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We also had a delicious cheese ball turkey for a snack. The feathers are delicious peppers filled with Vitamin C – perfect for our family that is finally over a 2 week cold!

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