FREE Consonant Blends Clip Cards

Monday, May 9, 2016

FREE Consonant Blends Clip Cards

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If your kids are learning about blends, these free blends clip cards are sure to help them identify blends in a fun way! They are ideal for first graders and include l blends, s blends and r blends.
FREE Blends Clip Cards - these are such a fun, low prep activity for helping 1st grade and 2nd grade students practice consonant blends (blends activities, blends activities free, blends activities first grade)

Consonant Blends

Teaching kids about blends helps them to develop the skill of segmentation, which is being able to split words into their individual speech sounds. This skill is very important for spelling.

When I teach blends, I say each word slowly to help kids hear the individual sounds. So when saying a word such as tree I slow it right down to “t – r – ee”. From there we’d practice saying the “t” and “r” a bit faster so it forms a “tr” sound.

I used to get confused about the difference between a blend and a digraph until I got an aha moment! Basically if you try to say the sounds in a digraph individually, the word doesn’t sound right. For example, saying the individual sounds of ship as “s – h – i– p” doesn’t sound like ship because “sh” is a digraph and makes only one sound – “sh”. Blends on the other hand have two sounds blended together, so if you say a blend slowly you can still hear the individual letter sounds.

Blends Clip Cards

consonant blendsThese free blends clip cards work really well as a literacy center activity.

To prepare
  • Print the blends clip cards on cardstock or laminate for added durability.
  • Cut along the dashed lines.
  • Fill a small basket with pegs.
  • Add a sticker on the back of each card behind the answer if you’d like the kids to be able to self-correct their answers.

practice blends with these free printable activity for 1st grade and 2nd grade kids

To Play

  • Place the basket of pegs next to the blends clip cards
  • Pick up a card, say the word, sound it out and clip the beginning blend.
    For example, “frog, f – r – o – g, frog begins with fr”.
  • Repeat until all the cards have been clipped and then check the answers.

1st & 2nd Grade Language Arts Activities

consonant blends clip cards

Download Blends Clip Cards

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