FREE Shapes Christmas Game

Monday, December 4, 2017

FREE Shapes Christmas Game

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Make practicing shapes fun with this Christmas math game for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids.
FREE Shapes Christmas Game - fun activity for helping preschool, kindergarten, first grade kids practice learning shapes (shapes worksheets)

I love finding new ways to help kids recognize and learn their shapes. This activity is a great one to use around the festive season.

Students will roll the cube and identify the shape of the gift that Santa is holding and then find this shape on their recording sheet and color it! There are two different sets of recording sheets, one with the shape images and one with the shape names.

Kindergarten Math

Christmas shape worksheets for preschool, kindergarten, first grade

Simply download the file below, cut out inserts and stick into Foam Cubes, and set out worksheets with crayons.

Print as many recording sheets you need for the set of students in your class. I like to laminate the Santa cards for repeated use. If you have the cube plastic inserts from Amazon, then use these to insert the cards in for an easy roll and play game. These two games can easily be differentiated according to the ability of the students in your class. Choose the first game to use with your ELLs or special ed. kiddos and the first game to use with your mainstream kids.

matching shapes Christmas game

Matching Shapes Roll 

To begin, for the first game instruct the students that they will roll the cube and identify the shape that they rolled. They will find the same shape on the Santa bags and color it. They continue to do this until they’ve colored all the Santa bags. For example, a student will roll and land on a square, they will find the matching picture of the shape of a square on the Santa bag and color it.

shape names Christmas game for kindergarten

Color Santa’s Gifts

For the second game, students will roll the cube and identify the shape then find the matching name of the shape on their recording sheets and color it. They continue this until all the bags are colored.

FREE Christmas Math

Download Shapes Christmas Game

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