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Shapes Flashlight Constellations

Kids are naturally curious about stars and constellations. This activity takes that fascination and pairs it with learning to identify shapes in this free printable shapes flashlight constellations activity.
Shapes Flashlight Constellations - this is such a fun, clever, and free printable activity to help kids create their own shape constellations using a flashlight. This is great for helping children learn to identify shapes. #shapes #mathactivity #constellations

Shape Flashlight Constellations

Shapes are the foundation to geometry. I have a tendency to focus primarily on identifying shapes, but with this activity we are going to focus on both shape identification and drawing shapes.

This activity is great for pre-k, kindergarten, and first-grade kids.


In addition to working on drawing shapes, this activity works your child’s fine motor skills as they grip thepush-pin. This activity is also an opportunity to teach your child about the importance of respecting materials since they can get poked by the push-pin.

Your kiddos will love seeing the results of their constellation poking when they attach their paper to the flashlight.



Constellation Shapes


  • Shape Flashlight Constellation Template
  • Flashlight
  • Push Pin (Larger ones are easier for small hands)
  • Tape
  • Cardboard


  • Download the FREE Shape Flashlight Constellation Template below.
  • Cut the template into 6 individual pieces.
  • Place a shape on the cardboard and use the push-pin to poke a hole in each of the stars.
  • Tape the shape over the flashlight
  • Go inside a dark room, turn on the flashlight, point it at a wall and admire your constellation.
  • Repeat with all the shapes.
DIY Shape Flashlight Constellations-min

Tip: Be sure to wiggle the push-pin around a bit to make the holes a little bigger, this will help the light come through.

Constellations Wheel Hands-on activity to learn about constellations using pipe cleaners, beads, and constellation flashcards for an engaging STEM activity! Use to teach preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and more about stars, solar system, astronomy or as a fun, educational science activity Kids will have loads of fun learning about different star formations and their names with this easy-to-make Constellations Cootie Catcher. This is the perfect addition to your solar system for kids unit with preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students

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Shape Flashlight Constellations

Download Shape Flashlight Constellations

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