March 3, 2023
FREE Printable 2D Sorting Shapes Activity

FREE Printable 2D Sorting Shapes Activity


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Make it fun for children to learn their shape names and identifying major 2d shapes with this fun, hands-on sorting shapes. Simply print the shapes printable and you are ready to play this shape sorting activity. This shape sorting game is fun for toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten age students.

Make it fun for children to learn their shape names and identifying major 2d shapes with this fun, hands-on sorting shapes. Simply print the shapes printable and you are ready to play this shape sorting activity. This shape sorting game is fun for toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten age students.

Sorting shapes

These FREE 2D Shape Sorting Mats Printable are perfect for some hands-on shape practice for your preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders. In this activity, learners will identify and recognize their 2D shapes and sort it to the correct shape mats. Learners will be able to practice their visual discrimination to recognize shapes, while also practicing their basic geometric skills in identifying shapes. Simply print this free 2D shapes printable and let your learner practice learning their shapes with some hands-on practice!

Shapes Printable

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> _____ <<. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template.

Shape sorting game

Shape sorting activity

This fun 2D Shapes freebie was created so learners can have a fun spring themed shape activity for them to practice learning those 2D shapes.

Recognizing and identifying 2D Shapes is a basic mathematical concept that learners need to learn. The more practice learners have with their 2D Shapes, the better they become at identifying them. Learners will also begin to recognize properties relating to the shapes such as the number of corners and the number of sides. This is very important in their development of skills such as classifying and visual discrimination.


Shape sorting game

This is a fun and hands-on shapes printable that learners will be able to use over and over again. Once this center is printed and prepped, simply store the pages in a binder and you will have a mess free method of storing this printable.


  • Free printable (at the end of this post)
  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Velcro dots or velcro tape

2d Shape Mats

This center requires a bit of prep but I promise that it is very worth the extra effort.

  • Print out the required pages and laminate the pages for extra durability.
  • Next cut apart the pages to create the sorting mats and the sorting cards.
  • Place velcro dots onto the back of the sorting cards and the other part of the velcro onto the sorting mats.
  • This step will allow you to store the sorting mats using a ring binder and keep the pieces stuck onto the mats as well.

Shape sorting activity

Shapes activities for kindergarten

The printable covers the 14 following shapes:

  • Circle
  • Heart
  • Heptagon
  • Hexagon
  • Crescent
  • Octagon
  • Oval
  • Pentagon
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond/Rhombus
  • Square
  • Star
  • Trapezoid
  • Triangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Semicircle

Teaching shapes to kindergarten

  • Present the mats along with the cards to the learner.
  • Depending on the learners needs and abilities, adjust the number of mats and cards used at any one time.
  • Start off with 2 mats first and then increase the number of mats as you go along. When starting out, use 2 very different shapes such as the circle and the star, so the learner will not have much trouble differentiating between the shapes.
  • A trickier choice with these mats would be to present two similar shapes such as square and rectangle and have the learner to sort between them. This will be a slightly tougher challenge to the learner as it will require them to observe minute details such as length of sides.
  • If your learner is very comfortable with their shapes, then it would be a suitable choice to present them with as many mats as they can handle and have them sort out all the cards onto the respective mats. This activity will really present the learners with a great understanding on their shapes and test their knowledge on shapes.

Shape Game for Preschoolers

As always with any activity, make sure the learner is having fun while learning and is enjoying the learning process. Try not to stress out the learner and adjust the activity according to the learners capabilities so that the learner will be able to make the most out of the activity.

Tracing shapes with cars Make learning about shapes for kids fun with this super cute, Shape Bingo. This shape game will help kids go from knowing basic shapes to seeing them in the world around them. Use this shape activity for applying math with toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade students. Simply print free shapes printables and you are ready to play and learn with a shapes bingo! Super cute monster themed shape playdough mats for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids Here is a great hands-on learning activity for kids to do at home, for busy bags, or in the car during a family road trip. These pattern block printables contain twenty different shape puzzle cards which kids will love. These shapes pattern worksheets are a fun math shape activity for kids from preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd graders too. Simply print pdf file with shape patterns printables and grab your shape blocks to make cool pictures out of shape picture templates.

Shape Games

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Shape Activity for Preschoolers

Work on shape recognition and names with this fun, free printable sorting shapes activity! Use this game with preschoolers and kindergarten.

Shapes Printable Activity

Before you grab your free pack you agree to the following:

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  • This printable set may not be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other website or electronic retrieval system.
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