FREE Watermelon Seeds Counting Set

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

FREE Watermelon Seeds Counting Set

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Kid will have fun practicing counting and writing numbers with this adorable and FREE watermelon seeds counting set!
FREE Counting Watermelon Seeds Math Activity for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade. This is super cute and perfect for summer learning or back to school math center. Practice with numbers 1-10, count  to 10, and writing numbers.

Though Summer is a fun time for kids to get outside, enjoy the warm weather and take a break from formal learning, it's still important to keep their brains active. Not to mention, be ready to fight the inevitable boredom that strikes! If your preschooler is needing a fun way to learn and prepare for Kindergarten in the Fall, they will love this hands on Watermelon Seeds Counting Set!

Count to 10

My four year old loves to count, and is pretty good at counting to 30, but that doesn't always mean she understands one-to-one correspondence (or that counting answers the question, "how many?"). She also needs practice with number recognition, meaning she may be able to count to 10, but doesn't recognize or know how to write the numbers from 1-10.

So I created a fun, hands on way to practice all these skills, using one of her favorite foods: watermelon! But stick with me, because there are also ways to use and enjoy this counting set even if you don't have actual watermelon seeds.

count to 10

Materials Needed:

  • Watermelon seeds (optional)
  • Counting mat and cards printed on card stock and laminated (download below)
  • Dry erase marker
Counting Watermelon Seeds Math Activity for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade

Included in this download in a counting mat, which can be used to count out actual watermelon seeds. But if you don't have any watermelons (or they're not in season where you live), simply have your child draw the seeds onto the watermelon with a dry erase marker.

To begin, cut out all of the watermelon picture cards and place them in a stack face down.

watermelon cool math game

Then let your child draw a card and place it on the square on the counting mat.

They then count the seeds in the picture, and add that number of seeds to their watermelon (either actual seeds or by drawing them in) on the counting mat.

writing numbers practice

After adding the correct number of seeds, they can write the total number on the counting mat where it says, "Write it!"

They can then remove or erase everything from the mat and start again with a new picture card!

summer counting activity for kids

Also included in the download are number cards. If your child is ready, you can cut out these cards instead, and they will then draw a number card and place the correct number of seeds on the counting mat.

Then they can also practice writing the number.

Watermelon counting matching game

Watermelon Counting Memory Game:

Finally, if you're looking for a new game, or simply don't want to use the counting mat, cut out all the watermelon picture cards and the number cards and use them to play a matching memory game.

To set it up, shuffle all the cards, then place them face down in an array on the table.

Take turns flipping over 2 cards. If the total number of seeds shown matches the number card, remove the cards from the game and keep them.

After all the matches have been found (1-10), the player with the most correct matches wins the game!

Most of all, have fun with your child as you play, count and eat watermelon together. :)

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FREE Printable Watermelon Seeds Counting Set, Numbers 1-10, Count to 10

Download Watermelon Seeds Counting Set

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