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Valentine Heart Bagel Recipe

Ready for a delicious, easy to make, and fun Valentine’s Day Meal for kids? Try Valentine Bagel Receipe – you can make them in the bread machine!

Amazing Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

This recipe was too good not to share! This Chocolate Chop Banana Muffin Recipe come out perfectly moist, delicious, with melty chocolate pockets, and a wonderful blend of flavor. This is sure to be...

Perfect Every Time Pancakes

This is the one and only pancake recipe you’ll ever need. You can double it, add fruit to it, or serve it up as is for a perfect every time pancake.

RECIPES: Egg in a Hole and Dorito Taco Bags

I figured with the start-up of school it was about time for a couple simple recipes =-) Egg in a Hole This is something my Dad made for us many Sunday’s growing up. Simple & delicious. I...