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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FREE Race and Trace Alphabet Game

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Have a child working on learning to write the letters of the alphabet?  Play this fun Race and Trace Alphabet game!  It's perfect for your preschool or kindergarten-aged kiddo!
FREE Race & Trace Alphabet Game - this is such a fun way for preschool, prek, kindergarten age kids to practice writing their lettesr (homeschool)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

50 Awesome Alphabet Books

Alphabet books are great for reading with your younger children, making it part of their daily lives and learning as they "read". Here are 50 of the best and most fun A B C books available.
50 Awesome Alphabet Books to read with your toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade child. Perfect for summer reading, back to school, homeschool, reading readiness, and just plain FUN!

Monday, April 24, 2017

FREE Alphabet Mazes

Help kids practice alphabetical order with these simple alphabet puzzles for preschool, prek, kindergarten, and first grade kids. There are 5 different themes to chose from including upper and lower case letters.
FREE Alphabet Mazes are such a fun way for preschool, prek, kindergarten, and first grade to practice their letters through a fun abc games

Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to Homeschool with Toddlers

Toddlers dash into the bathroom, unroll the toilet paper, and paint the walls with toothpaste the moment you leave them unsupervised... even if it's just for a moment. How are you to homeschool with toddlers when you can't take your eyes off them for a second?
How to Homeschool with Toddlers - here are some great, practical suggestions for those trying to homeschool with little ones in the home wanting your attention.

Friday, April 21, 2017

FREE Graph a Blends Activity

It's that time of the year when we start learning and practicing blends. There are many ways to get kids pronouncing blends and building their phoneme knowledge. Today, I will share a fun graphing activity based on identifying blend sounds.
FREE Graph a Blend - this is such a fun hands on educational activity to help kids practice bl, br, cl, and cr blends while at the same time getting in some practical graphing practice for first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade (homeschool, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rainbow Density Science Experiment

Help kids explore density with this beautiful Rainbow Science Experiment perfect for spring!
Rainbow Density Science Experiment - Such a fun way for kids to learn about density while creating a beautiful rainbow in this science project

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

FREE Alphabet Letter Match & Beginning Sounds

This is such a fun ABC Games to help Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade practice matching uppercase and lower case letters as well as beginning sounds with this FREE, fun, hands on game!
FREE Alphabet Letter Match & Beginning Sounds - This is such a fun hands on alphabet activity to help preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade practice matching uppercase and lower case letters as well as beginning sounds. (homeschool, grade 1, literacy centers)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easy To Make Glitter Bouncing Balls

Looking for something fun to make with your kids? Try making these super fun, easy to make bouncy balls for your next kids activities.
Easy to Make Glitter Bouncing Balls - these are so simple to make and so much fun to play with! This is such a fun play recipe for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade and more. Must do childhood kids activities

Monday, April 17, 2017

FREE Letter Sounds Alphabet Cards

Is your child working on learning letter sounds to distinguish what alphabet letter words start with? Preschool, Prek, and Kindergarten age kids will have fun mastering this essential skill with these free printable alphabet flashcards.
FREE Letter Sounds Alphabet Cards - These are such a fun, hands on educational activity to help kids identify the alphabet letter that goes with the beginning letter sounds. Perfect for preschool, prek, kindergarten to get ready to read.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to Adopt: FIRST STEP in the Adoption Process

Have you decided that your family would like to be a forever family for a child in need? Here is what you need to know as you being your adoption process.

First step in the adoption process - If you are considering adopting, this series from an adoptive mom is a MUST READ.