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Looking for fun, creative ways for kids to learn with Lego? You will love lego themed slime, volano, alphabet mats, spelling, and more

Lego Printable Multiplication Flash cards

Practice makes perfect! Print off these super cute, Lego inspired printable multiplication flash cards to help your elementary student have fun practicing math. These free printable, multiplication...

Lego Spelling Test for Kids

Make spelling tests fun with these super cute, free printable spelling test for kids. Fun Lego printables make taking a weekly speling test fun for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade...

Lego Famous Landmarks Challenge Cards

Make learning about famous landmarks from around the world fun with these free printable, Lego famous landmarks cards. As children build with bricks they will explore their creativity, learn about...

FREE Lego Activities for Kids Printable Poster

We are taking all the work out of planning fun kids activities with this Lego printables poster.  The ideas in this Lego activities printable are perfect for toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten...

Checkers Printable Multiplication Games

We love making math fun with fun, hands-on math games! Instead of having your kids work on drilling multiplication tables, turn it into a fun activity instead with multiplication checkers! Download...

100 Ideas for Learning with Lego

Make school fun by learning with Lego. Here are over 100 Lego science, Lego math, Lego History, Lego language arts, and more FUN Lego games and creative educational Lego activities! These Lego ideas...

Lego Books of the Bible Games

Learn the Books of the Bible in order with this fun, hands-on books of the bible games that uses Duplo or Lego bricks. This books of the bible game is such a simple review activity for kindergarten...

LEGO Balloon Car

Are you ready to make something really cool with your kids? Your children will go nuts over this fun, easy to make Lego Balloon Car. This such a fun physical science experiment to try with preschool...

Back to School Lego Challenge

If your kids love Lego as much as mine do, this free printable Back to School Lego Challenge is just what you are looking for. Download the pdf file with the brick challenge for you to print off...

Lego Alphabet Cards

These super cute, free printable Lego Alphabet Cards are a fun way for toddler, preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age kids to practice making uppercase letters as they learn their ABCs.

Build and Write Lego Challenge for July

Summer is in full swing and the last thing kids are thinking about is writing. The best way to encourage it is by making it fun. This free printable Build and Write Lego Challenge is just the thing...

Duplo Alphabet Mats

Make learning your ABCs fun with these hands-on, free printable, Duplo Alphabet Mats for building letters and tracing letters too. There is a page for each letter A to Z. LEGO is a trademark of the...

Lego Number Mats

LOVE this free printable math activity that uses lego number mats to practice counting and tracing numbers 1-10 with toddler, preschool, and kindergartners!

Easy LEGO DIY Zipline

As you start making your summer bucket list, you’ll want to add this really fun DIY Zipline that is made out of Lego bricks! This activity is a fun STEM activity that allows kids to explore science...

LEGO Balance Math Activity

This LEGO Balance Math Activity is such a cool activity kids of all ages will love! This kids activities helps kids explore math, comparing weight, and all using kid favorite Lego bricks.

Journaling with LEGO

Encourage creative writing skills through journaling with your elementary aged child by using Lego.  Whether your child is a reluctant writer or the next journalist, using his/her Lego creations as a...

Build a Sentence with Lego

Help kids practice building sentences by making it fun! Kids from 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade will love this lego games.

Lego Volcano Science Experiment

Use one of kids favorite toys Lego to make an amazing Lego Volcano science experiment. This is way cool for kids of all ages!

Lego Mini Figure Spelling Game

This is such one of many fun spelling games that will help kids practice spelling words using kids favorite Legos.

Teaching Fractions with Lego

If your kids are visual learners, they will love this hands on math activity teaching about fractions with Lego.

Lego All About Me Printable

With school just around the corner I thought it would be fun to share a back to school worksheet with you. These Lego Brick All About Me are a great way to remember your child’s interests at...

Non Newtonian Fluid Lego Science Experiment

Kids are going to love this hands on science experiment where they will explore non Newtonian fluid with some LEGO Science; great for toddler, preschool, kindergarten and elementary age kids.

LEGO Multiplication Math Activity

Kids are going to love this fun, visual way to learn about multiplication with this LEGO game. This is a great math activity for elementary age kids.

Lego Water Wheel Science Project

Kids are going to love learning about harnessing the power of water using a water wheel with this fun, hand son science project using Lego.

FREE Lego Spelling Tests in color

Make spelling fun with spelling games!  Free printable brick style spelling tests we use with LEGO for 1st-6th grade.  Each spelling test is for  10, 15, or 20 words with dictation.

Spelling Practice with Lego

Instead of making spelling dry and boring why not try this fun hands on spelling games  using kid favorite LEGOS.

FREE Lego Alphabet Mats

Preschool children will love building alphabet letters with these free printable Lego alphabet mats. Kids love building and learning.  There is no better way for kids to learn their alphabet...

Homeschooling with Legos

Looking for some fun way to learn with Lego. You are going to love these 30 fun activities. Your kids will love learning with Lego! You can add some fun to math, history, language arts, science, and...

DIY Travel Lego Case

We love playing lego games at our house. Here is a fun way to take Lego’s on the go.