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Cootie Catcher Constellations Printable

Kids will have loads of fun learning about different star formations and their names with this easy-to-make Constellations Cootie Catcher. This is the perfect addition to your solar system for kids...

Constellation Flashcards

Kids will have fun learning about the formations the stars make in the night sky with these super cute, free printable, Constellation Flashcards.  Plus, don’t miss all the fun star activity...

Pipe Cleaner Constellations

Calling all space lovers!  Whether you enjoy star-gazing on a clear summer night or are in planning mode for an upcoming solar system unit, this hands-on STEM activity will help your kiddos learn...

FREE Solar System Worksheets

Kids will have fun learning about our solar system with these FREE Solar System Worksheets for kids.  You’ll find solar system vocabulary, planets, moon phases, and so much more! These worksheets are...

M is for Moon

Young learners will love this creative, fun, and hands on M is for Moon unit filled with free printables, oreo moon phases, and more to learn the letter m and about astronauts and space exploration...

24 EPIC Solar System Projects

Whether you are diving into an astronomy unit in your homeschool / classroom or your child just has a natural curiosity about space, here are 24 EPIC Solar System Projects your kids will love!

Paint Stick Solar System Project

Help your child learn about the solar system with a paint stick.  Your child will love this out-of-this world science and art activity that will aid in learning the names and order of the planets...

Solar System Coloring Pages

Kids will have fun learning about the solar system with these free printable coloring sheets. These Solar System Coloring Pages include information about each planet making it a great resource for...

FREE Moon Phases Mini Book

Help kids learn about the moon with this free printable moon phases mini book. It is a great pocket guide to take while observing the solar system with a telescope or camping. Updated: Originally...

Shapes Flashlight Constellations

Kids are naturally curious about stars and constellations. This activity takes that fascination and pairs it with learning to identify shapes in this free printable shapes flashlight...

Swirling Galaxy Science Project

Bring the wonder of outer space into your home with this fun swirling galaxy activity that shows kids how spiral galaxies get their shape.

25 Space for Kids Projects

Are you preparing for a solar system unit in your homeschool? Or do you have a child who is fascinated by the solar system? Either way you are going to find tons of great hands on learning activities...

NEW! Moon Phases Worksheets

Kids will have fun learning about moon phases with these fun Moon Phases Worksheets for kids of all ages.

Moon Unit

Kids of all ages are fascinated by the moon. Here is our hands on Moon Unit for Kids that explores using Oreo moon phases, moon craters, and more. This is just part of our 5 week solar system unit.

Pluto, Comets, Asteroid Belts, and Stars Lesson

This is week 5 of of our solar system unit. As we wrap things up we take a peak at  our Pluto, comets, the asteroid belt, and stars lesson. Lots of fun, hands on science projects, and more.

Solar System Inner Planets for Kids

Kids will be fascinated and engaged in our Inner Planets activities to help kids learn about the solar systems 4 inner planets. The science unit covers Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars with lots of...

Star Wars Alphabet Pennants

Help kids become familiar with alphabet letters with these free Star Wars Alphabet Pennants to hang on the wall. These are great for Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten age kids.

Solar System 4 Outer Planets for Kids

Is your child fascinated by outer space? They are going to love learning about Solar System Outer Planets for Kids.  They will love learning about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Sun for Kids

This week we began our solar system unit. You will find lots of fun, hands on science projects and ideas for learning about the sun, our planets, the moon, stars, astronauts, and so much more. Here...

FREE Printable Planet Book

Kids will love learning about the planets in our solar system with this fun, pocket size FREE Planets Mini Book. They are a great reference for kids of all ages wanting to learn about the planets!

Constellation Booklet

Kids will have fun learning about stars when they realize all the neat pictures the stars make. This free Constellations Booklet is perfect for homeschooling kids in elementary school learning about...

FREE Astronaut Coloring Sheets

Here are some fun and FREE printable Astronaut themed Coloring pages for Toddlers and Preschoolers to color. These are lots of fun for an astronaut, outer space, solar system, or similar theme.

Solar System Printable Worksheets

Kids will have fun practicing their letters, counting, using scissors,using ordinal words, constellations, graphing, grammar, and so much more with these fun FREE Solar System Printable...

Fizzing Jupiter Science Project

Are your kids exploring our solar system? Or maybe they just like really fun science projects for kids. Either way, kids of all ages are going to love these fun fizzing jupiters.