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Foam Bubble Painting Art for Kids with Straws

Looking for a fun craft activity? You’ve got to try bubble painting!  Kids of all ages from toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students will love making bubble painting with straws. As children blow and paint with foam bubbles they will create beautiful, mesmorizing bubble paint art.

Bubble painting

My kids love bubbles. But one thing they don’t love about bubbles is how temporary they are. In this bubble painting  project, I thought it would be fun to see if we could preserve a bit of bubbles after my kids played with them in an artistic way. We were delighted with how pretty the bubble paint art came out. My daughter said they reminded her of the sea. I thought they looked like art you might see in a museum! Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – you will love this bubble painting for kids. It is quick to set-up, uses simple materials, and produces so many pretty bubble projects!

Bubble art for kids

Foam Bubble Painting aren’t difficult to make, but there is a trick to them. You have to make sure you don’t have too much water or your colors will be muted. Here is how we made our bubble painting:

bubble painting

Bubble painting for kids

All you need are a few simple materials you probably already have on hand to make this painting with bubbles art project. Here is what you need to make foam bubble paintings:

  • Straws (1 for each child)
  • 3 colors of washable paint (we did yellow, blue, and green)
  • 3 small containers
  • Dish soap
  • Large tray (or cookie sheet)
  • Cardstock paper

First, place a small bit of paint in each container. Add twice as much water as you added paint. Drop in 4 drops of dish soap per color of paint.

Place your paper inside your tray or cookie sheet.

use a straw to blow in the paint, water, dish soap mixture to make bubbles

Bubble painting preschool

Instruct your kids to blow into the straws to make big bubbles. Show them how to blow steadily and slowly to make bubbles. If you blow too hard, you make splatters.

When the containers are full of bubbles, pour off about half of the liquid paint, leaving the bubbles, bubble foam, and a little bit of paint.

dump the paint onto your card stock inside a tray

Bubble paint art

Dump the paint onto your paper inside the tray.

use a straw to blow on the paint

Painting with bubbles

Blow the paint gently to spread the bubbles and paint around.

stack one piece of cardstock on top of the other to mix colors more

Bubble painting with straws

Stack one piece of paper on top of the other so the paint mixes a little more. Don’t mix too much on you will pop all the bubbles and ruin the design.

Wait a couple of hours for the paint to dry.

Foam Bubble Painting

Bubble art preschool

You’ll be left with a brilliant one-of-a-kind design! Ours came out so pretty, I might just frame it!

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Bubble Activities

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Kids Activities

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