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Dry Ice Science Experiment for Kids

Kids are going to be wowed and amazed when they try this dry ice science experiment. It is sure to impress and education kids of all ages.

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Post Updated: Post originally published November 6, 2015.

Dry Ice Experiments

There are so many learning opportunities when it comes to dry ice. Science is all about investigative learning, so when kids learn with dry ice, they’re given a new opportunity to investigate!

How does dry ice work?

What is dry ice?

Does dry ice affect other things?

These are all questions that kids might ask when starting to learn with dry ice. After experimenting and answering these questions, kids can move on in the investigative process. They can use higher level thinking to analyze the information they’ve learned and come up with theories.

Can dry ice be used to make someone’s life better?

What are some practical uses for it?

When kids start to ask the question, “I wonder if….”, they’re developing theories and using higher level thinking.This is exactly what educators want for students! Dry ice is a fun way to help bring out natural curiosity in inquisitive minds.

Dry Ice Safety

Dry Ice Safety

When experimenting with dry ice, safety is important. Dry ice is extremely cold, around -109°F. Because of the extreme cold, kids need to know how to safely handle dry ice so that they don’t injure themselves or their co-scientists. Here are some dry ice safety guidelines that kids need to know:

  • Use protective wear when handling dry ice
  • Protective eyewear is always a good idea
  • Use an insulated container to store or set dry ice in
  • Do not store dry ice in an airtight container
  • Use dry ice in a properly ventilated area

All of these guidelines will help keep kids safe when experimenting with dry ice. It’s important that a knowledgeable adult teaches these safety rules to kids before allowing kids to experiment with this item. Adults should also supervise the use of dry ice, monitoring the usage of dry ice to help keep kids safe and happy.

Dry Ice Science Experiments

Now that safety precautions have been made, it’s time to dig in and have fun! These dry ice experiments are sure to teach kids all about the scientific process with the added bonus of having FUN! From experiments that include food to ones that can make art, these dry ice experiments are perfect for getting kids interested in dry ice.

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Dry Ice Food Experiments

Nothing is better than combining science with food. These dry ice experiments use food to create a fun explosion or a tasty treat. From dry ice root beer to spooky Halloween drinks, there’s something for everyone! Have fun and happy snacking.

  1. Pottermore & Some Wizard Science Experiments – This dry ice experiment is perfect for the Harry Potter fans out there!
  2. Homemade Root Beer with Dry Ice – Root beer is a tasty drink, but it can be made even tastier with a little dry ice.
  3. Spooky Halloween Drink – This spooky drink is perfect for Halloween … or any other time of year.
  4. Make Ice Cream with Dry Ice – Ice cream fans will LOVE making this dry ice experiment.
  5. Witches Brew – This dry ice experiment is good enough to drink.
  6. Homemade Dry Ice Root Beer – Here’s another tasty experiment with dry ice … make some root beer!
  7. Dry Ice Soda Geyser – What do you get when you combine soda with dry ice? Find out with this experiment!
  8. Dry Ice Ice Cream – Is chocolate or vanilla your favorite? Make both with this dry ice experiment.
  9. Mad Scientist Potion – You don’t need to be a mad scientist to make this dry ice experiment.
  10. Watermelon Dry Ice Explosion – This experiment can be messy, but it sure is fun!

Activity Experiments

The fun part about experimenting with science is getting up and moving around. Hands-on learning is such a wonderful way for kids to learn, which is why these dry ice experiments are so wonderful. Kids will enjoy these activity experiments as they learn all about dry ice and how it works. From frozen bubbles to rockets, kids will be amazed at what dry ice can do.

  1. Bubble Painting with Dry Ice – You’ll be amazed at the works of art that can be created with dry ice and bubbles.
  2. Harry Potter Crystal Ball – The future is easy to see with this crystal ball experiment. Have fun!
  3. Dry Ice Bubbles – Dry ice can make fantastic bubbles. Take a look at this easy and fun experiment.
  4. Coin in Dry Ice – Have you ever wondered what happens when you put a coin in dry ice? Find out with this experiment.
  5. Inflate a Balloon – How big can you inflate a balloon using dry ice? Discover the answer here!
  6. Make Frozen Bubbles – Have fun making frozen bubbles with dry ice. Kids will love this experiment.
  7. Dry Ice Science Experiment – Discover more about how dry ice can be used in an experiment here.
  8. Smoking Dragon Science with Dry Ice – Make a real-life dragon, complete with smoky breath, with this dry ice experiment.
  9. Ways to Play with Dry Ice + Water – Dry ice and water can make an interesting combination. Investigate with this experiment.
  10. Dry Ice Rocket – 3…2…1… LAUNCH into some fun with this dry ice rocket experiment.

Dry ice experiments will get kids so excited to learn about science. With proper instruction and supervision, kids of all ages can have a blast experimenting with dry ice.

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