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Why do Boats Float? (Buoyoncy for Kids)

After you’ve learned about density for kids including what mass and volume are and why they are needed to find an objects density you are ready to explore this weeks lesson on why boats float.

Transportation Worksheets

Kids of all ages are going to love practicing their abcs and counting with these fun Transportation Worksheets.

Ice Boat Races

Play this fun water activity for kids and host your very own ice boat water race! Kids will love this cool, water-based game that will keep them outdoors for an hour or more. Make dozens of boats for...

Rocket Sight Words Game

Make practicing Dolch sight words fun with this free printable Rocket sight words game for Pre-Primer sigh words for preschool and kindergarten age kids.

Rainbow Painting with Cars Kids Activity

If you are looking for a really fun rainbow craft and kids activities you are going to love this Rainbow Painting with Cars kids activity. This would be a great craft for spring, St. Patricks Day...

FREE Blends Transportation Word Family Sliders

Move beyond simple word family sliders as your child has mastered simple words. These Blends Transportation Word Family Sliders include more complex words beginning with blends and digraphs. These...

Soap Boats Summer Activity for Kids

Are you looking for a fun summer activity for your kids? Here is one that is cheap, simple to set-up, and loads of fun – soap boats.

Rubber Band Powered Cars

This is such a fun science project for kids! Kids will make a rubber band powered car that will actually move! This project is perfect for elementary age kids at or homeschool.

Cars Sensory Bin

Kids will love having fun with cars while exploring with their senses using this super cute cars sensory bin. This is lots of fun for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and 1st & 2nd grade kids.

Train Number Puzzle

Help kids practice their numbers with this free printable train puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers.

Sight Word Game Drag Racing Cars

Kids will love learning sight words in this playful sight word game for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade kids. Sight Word Game for Kids We love making learning fun! Here is a simple, effective...

8 Ideas to Teach Preschool Math with Cars

Preschool boys will love learning about math while using cars! Preschoolers learn best through play. They process and learn an amazing amount of concepts through play! Here are 8 ways to help your...

Trace Numbers with Hot Wheel Cars (free printable)

Preschool kids will love learning to make their numbers by using cars to trace them with this free printable preschool worksheet. Help your kids practice making their numbers and counting 1-10 with...

FREE Cars Library Book Logs

Help your child pick a variety of books at the library with this handy Disney Cars inspired Library Book Log. This is not a licensed Disney product. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Disney...

FREE Disney Cars Reward Chart

Help encourage your kids to read, use the toilet, do their chores, or any other task that needs completing with these fun and free Disney Cars Inspired Reward Charts.

Learn Your Name with Cars

Help Preschoolers learn their name in a fun way with cars! Check out all the details on this super clever idea to teach Preschoolers their name using toy cars: Learn Your Name with Cars from Buggy...

FREE Cars Punctuation Game

This Cars punctuation games is sure to make practicing punctuation FUN for Kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade kids!

FREE Cars and Toy Story Readers

Help your preschooler start reading by mastering key sight words. Here are two free Disney inspired pre primer readers. This is not a licensed Disney product. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by...