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Brain Breaks for Kids Schooling at Home in Isolation

With more and more schools across America closing their doors to slow the spread of the virus, families are being asked to oversee their children’s education at him, in Social Isolation. Many are turning to the internet with things like google classroom and zoom for lessons. This is a great use of technology, but will leave students sitting in front of a computer screen for 5 hours a day which is a LONG time for kids. We’ve created these fun and free printable Brain Breaks for kids who are schooling at home due to Social Distancing.

50+ FREE Brain Breaks for Kids Schooling at Home in Social Isolation - simply print, cut apart the pages in the pdf file. These will help kids focus better, and get the breaks there bodies need from5 hours in front of a computer doing public school at home #stayathome #brainbreaks #schoolathome #freeprintable

Brain Breaks

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we have to do some unorthodox and unconventional things like closing public schools and sending kids to school at home . This social isolation is necessary to stop the spread of the virus, but it creates some unique situations for children and parents.

As parents we’ve been told for years how sitting your child in front of a screen for too much time is bad for them. But due to the pandemic many students have been sent home with instructions to log in and be online for 5 hours a day to meet homeschooling requirements. That is a L-O-N-G time for kids to sit in a chair, in front of a screen! Their little bodies weren’t meant to sit still that long – they NEED to move. We don’t need to come out of this virus on the other side with slumped over kids with neck pain, bad posture, the starting of arthritis or sore wrists.

So…. I’ve created these brain breaks to sprinkle throughout your school day to help make sure kids get up and move throughout the day!

lots of brain break ideas for pre k, kinder, elementary, junior high, high school, and homeschool students

What is a Brain Break

So how many breaks should kids take from their school work? According to this article in the New York Times, if kids take a 3-5 minute break, their brains are optimized to learn for the next 45 minutes!  So allowing kids to get up, stretch, and clear their minds is not only good for their bodies, but helps them to focus better on their school work. Win, Win!

over 50 brain break activities for preschool, kinderarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students

Brain Breaks for Kids

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I suggest printing in color on cardstock for durability – but use what you have on hand!

super cute and fun brain breaks for kids

Brain Break Ideas

We’ve created several free printable brain breaks to give you just what you need to help your child thrive in Social Isolation!  These brain break cards use simple movements that work for your whole family from preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, junior high, and even high school. Kids will stretch, do push-up, jumping jacks, etc.

brain beaks for kindergarten students at home or in the classroom

Brain Break Activites

Put your cards on a c clip, ring, or in a pile. Set your kitchen time or phone for 45-60 minutes from now. When it rings, pick the next random card and all your children will get up and do the action together. This is also the time when they should be encouraged to go to the bathroom and get a drink if needed. By doing breaks all together you will minimize distractions and disruptions during your focused learning.

What is a brain break? Let us explain what it is, why it's important, and give you practical way to take brain breaks at home, in classroom, along with a free printable with lots of ideas.

Brain Breaks for Kindergarten

These brain break games are expecially popular with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, junior high, and even high school students.  Even adults are told that they should take breaks from using the computer to get up, move around. This gets blood flowing, prevents eye strain, hunched shoulders, wrist / elbow ingjuries, and gaining excess weight from developing a sedentary lifestyle.

FREE Brain Break Printable - these movement breaks for kids are important to allow them to get up and stretch and will help them focus better #preschool #kindergarten #homeschool #brainbreaks #education

Brain Breaks for Children

No matter which of these you choose to use, I’m sure they will help you be successful teaching your child at home throughout the quarnatine. And most importantly, yours kids will learn and have fun. They will look back at this time as fun break in routine!

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  • Thank you so much! I cannot be with my grandchildren, but it makes me feel better to send them things to do and to help their parents a little.

  • I am a school social worker who, in light of the COVID-19 school shut down, has started a facebook group for the parents of students I work with. I am trying to upload resources, tools, and activities that they can use to support their children’s social-emotional development. I came across your brain break cards and would love to upload them to the group. In reading over the cover page however, I’m not sure that I would have your permission to do so. Would you mind if I uploaded them? My students are used to that language – brain break – so this is something that would introduce a connection to school during this time of disruption.

  • Where is the download button for these? The page has so many adverts with ‘download’ I just can’t find the actual cards.

    • Sorry about that, I know the ads can be annoying, but hey help us pay the bills while allowing us to keep everything FREE for our readers =) 1 million + free printables actually.

      Scroll to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and enter email address in box, the file will open immediately. Enjoy!

  • Beth,
    As a retired Reading Specialist I have had the fun opportunity to jump back into teaching my seven year old grandson via video chat format. I primarily focus on reading, writing, and spelling skills and strategies, in addition to his public school remote learning sessions with his teacher. Your free work sheets and ideas have been so helpful, I am able to use my own materials supplemented with your materials for him to work on Independently as both parents continue to work full time at home! Thanks so much!

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