FREE Letter Sounds Alphabet Cards

Monday, April 17, 2017

FREE Letter Sounds Alphabet Cards

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Is your child working on learning letter sounds to distinguish what alphabet letter words start with? Preschool, Prek, and Kindergarten age kids will have fun mastering this essential skill with these free printable alphabet flashcards.
FREE Letter Sounds Alphabet Cards - These are such a fun, hands on educational activity to help kids identify the alphabet letter that goes with the beginning letter sounds. Perfect for preschool, prek, kindergarten to get ready to read.

The alphabet.

It's the foundation for teaching children to read.

Without a firm grasp of the alphabet, children will struggle as they learn to read. As parents and teachers, our job is to find ways that engage our children and help them learn their letters in a fun engaging way.

Free Printable Alphabet Flashcards

Prep Work

There is very little prep-work for this activity, and if you print them on cardstock and laminate the cards, they will last a long time.
  1. Print off cards
  2. Cut them out
  3. Gather up a cookie tray and magnetic letters
That's it! Now you are ready to go.

How to Use The Alphabet Task Cards

Before I sat my three-year-olds down with me, I made sure I had every letter of the alphabet out. My little ones do great sitting down and doing activities with me, but if I'm digging for letters or getting materials together I've lost them.

I put four of the task cards on the cookie sheet and then placed six letters next to them. I pointed to each picture and they would tell me what is was. Next, I asked them what letter the picture started with. They then would locate the magnetic letter and finally place it in the square on the task card.

For our last step, we would "read" the word. I would say the word as I ran my finger under it. Then I would have each of my little ones "read" the word while I guided their finger under the word.

Skills You Are Building

  1. Vocabulary - As the children are looking at the pictures and saying the words, they are building vocabulary. Some of the pictures like "cat" will be familiar to them. Others like igloo, x-ray, or jellyfish may be new for them. This
  2. Speech - My little girl has struggled with her speech. This activity gives me a wonderful opportunity for her to practice saying specific words. It is even great for her twin brother, who speaks very well for his age. But like most three-year-olds, there are words that he doesn't pronounce correctly. Again, as we are "reading" words he gets to practice saying them correctly.
  3. Beginning Sounds - Obviously, as the children are saying the words and finding the letters that it starts with they are practicing beginning sounds.
  4. Letter Recognition - Since our little ones our having to find the magnetic letters to place on the task cards, they are working on letter recognition.
Once we finish these task cards, we will be moving onto another alphabet cookie tray activity and then a baseball alphabet sort. I love this time with my twins, and love seeing them learn!

Alphabet Activities for Kids

Download FREE Letter Sounds Alphabet Cards

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