20+ FREE Printable Roadtrip Games

Get ready for your next roadtrip by printing out these fun, FREE roadtrip games for kids.
FREE Roadtrip Games for Kids

FREE Printable Roadtrip Games for Kids

One of the things the kids thought was the most fun on our vacation was their FUN folders. Inside their folder was:
  • Route map - so they could follow along and visualize where we were. I also put some “X”s along the way – they were treasure spots!! This was easy to make on Mapquest.
  • Flip card Games –  I made 20+ {FREE} Printable Car Games. Just print, laminate, and use and reuse to your hearts content! I used a hole punch and C clip to make ours into a flip card. These are not only great for the road, but to stick in a diaper bag for a doctor’s visit or restaurant. Just click on the image to download. Enjoy!
FREE Roadtrip Games to put in a family roadtrip fun folder to keep kids entertained. Includes 20 FREE Car Games that are reusable for hours and hours of kids activities in the car. (family vacation, road trips, disney vacation, car fun, airplane)
  • Map of the USA to color in the states we went through (why not make it a little educational)
  • Coloring/Writing sheet for each day so the kids could draw pictures and record their memories
  • Magazine (Lego for Goofy and Princess for Minnie)
  • Coloring Book & Crayons
  • Where are we going today Scratch Off Card – Since this was not a vacation like any other we had done before the kids were confused that we weren’t just gong one place. So I made this scratch-off card. The kids were so excited to scratch it off in the morning or the night before and discover what neat place we were going that day. It was a HUGE hit! It was also great to help the kids understand time a little better. (click for tutorial on making your own scratch-off cards)how to make your own scratch off cards
  • Prize Scratch-off Card – Ever since the kids were little I have brought along presents on vacations. The kids really look forward to it!! The presents aren’t big, usually things from the dollar section (sometimes 50% off), lollipop, coloring book, bubbles, playdough, etc. But the excitement of having presents to open and new things to play with is always a HUGE hit. We have always had easy-going kids on vacation! The idea with the prize scratch-off was to build some anticipation and variety….. plus to make the presents last longer! If the kids got to a map treasure spot, completed a file folder game, won a game (from above flip cards) or just for remembered a piece of trivia I asked them about a spot we visited they got to SCRATCH! They could get a snack, present, sticker, Disney tattoo, chocolate coin, etc. (click for tutorial on making your own scratch-off cards)
prize scratch off for family road trips
Note: If for don’t have any Google accounts or are having trouble downloading the Google document, please feel free to email me livinglifeintentionallyblog(at)gmail.com and I will help you get the download.  
I hope this was helpful and that others can make use of the car games I put together! Do you have any tips for me on things that work well for your kids on long roadtrips?

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