April 29, 2024
50+ Ideas for Road Trip with Kids

50+ Ideas for Road Trip with Kids


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50 Ideas for Road Trip with Kids including clever unique ways to keep kids engaged and having fun on your next family vacation.

If you are looking for ideas to keep kids happy, entertained, and quiet on your next Road Trip with kids, keep reading! I have 6 kids and have traveled to EVERY state in the US with my crew. At the time of updating this post I have a 4,5, 6, 10, 13, and 15 year-old. We don't just survive family roadtrips - we have FUN! We make memories. We have a great time. Seriously! Here are some ideas for helping kids have fun as you drive in the van between attractions. 

Road Trip with Kids

Don’t miss our Road trips with kids post on our new travel site Plan the Best Vacation.  Plus you can grab our  20+ free printable car games (a huge car resource in itself).

You’ll notice I make use of the magnetic chalkboard many times. I like bringing along multi-purpose items to maximize space and fun!

raod trip games - DIY Magnetic Puzzle  road trip games - Magnetic Foam Shape Picutres with free printable
road trip games - magnetic sticker fun  road trip games - puzzles with magnet dots
road trip games - spelling fun  planning a road trip - what to pack
road trip games - marshmallow and pretzel creations  road trip games - cereal lacing necklaces
road trip games - pizza box city  road trip games - velcro craft sticks
road trip ideas - pip cleaner creations  road trip game s- i spy bottles
road trip ideas - lacing cards  road trip game s- magnetic dress-up dolls
road trip game s- clip-on math cards  road trip games - busy bag number beading
road trip games - foile creation  road trip games - alphabet game
road trip game s- file folder games  road trip games - books
road trip ideas - fun folder   road trip ideas - snack and prize box

How to organize the car for a family Roadtrip

So did we really bring all these road trip games on our trip? Yep we did!

20 Road Trip Games - so many fun, easy to play kids activities for cars, planes, trains, and boats. Great for family vacation, summer road trips, and more. #roadtrip #familyvacation #vacation Printable Roadtrip Games Kids will enjoy exploring the state park or campground with this free printable camping scavenger hunt. This camping scavenger hunt for kids will have children searching for different shaped items such as a flashlight, tent, campfire, and more. This free printable scavenger hunt is fun for toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students as it contains not only the name, but a cute picture too.  Simply download camping scavenger hunt printable pdf file with camping activity for kids in color or black and white and you are ready to play!  Disney World Planning in 6 simple steps

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