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50+ Ideas for Road Trip with Kids

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If you are looking for Road Trip activities for your summer vacation I’ve got you covered! Here are 50+ road trip game including free printables. This is the ULTIMATE post for family road trips!

50 Ideas for Road Trip with Kids - lots of clever unique ways to keep kids engaged and having fun on your next family vacation #roadtrip #cartrip #familyvaction

Road Trip with Kids

I’ve had lots of people ask in our planning a roadtrip, what we were planning to do with the kids in the car for 5 weeks! I think with a little planning, thinking about the kids’ needs, and a sense of humor a road trip can be an amazing opportunity to bond as a family and create priceless memories! So here are 50+ ideas for Car Trip Fun!

There are several road trip games and road trip ideas images that are clickable with additional information, how-to’s, and free printables! Don’t miss the 20+ free printable car games (a huge car resource in itself).

You’ll notice I make use of the magnetic chalkboard many times. I like bringing along multi-purpose items to maximize space and fun!

raod trip games - DIY Magnetic Puzzle  road trip games - Magnetic Foam Shape Picutres with free printable
road trip games - magnetic sticker fun  road trip games - puzzles with magnet dots
road trip games - spelling fun  planning a road trip - what to pack
road trip games - marshmallow and pretzel creations  road trip games - cereal lacing necklaces
road trip games - pizza box city  road trip games - velcro craft sticks
road trip ideas - pip cleaner creations  road trip game s- i spy bottles
road trip ideas - lacing cards  road trip game s- magnetic dress-up dolls
road trip game s- clip-on math cards  road trip games - busy bag number beading
road trip games - foile creation  road trip games - alphabet game
road trip game s- file folder games  road trip games - books
road trip ideas - fun folder   road trip ideas - snack and prize box

Games to bring to a Campsite

    • Music (to sing along together in the car: Jim Gill, Steve Green, Praise Songs, Disney)
    • Books on Cd (Disney, library picks)
  • Mad Libs
  • bubbles
  • play-doh
  • ball
  • kiddie fishing net/fish (for 19 month old)
  • flashlights (kids have their own)
  • glow sticks
  • glow bubbles
  • bean bag toss game
  • sand toys
  • bucket (for collecting sticks)
  • bug kid (for collecting bugs)

How to organize the car for a family Roadtrip

So did we really bring all these road trip games on our trip? Yep we did! All of it fit neatly in a plastic box so it didn’t take up that much room and helped keep the car organized!. Plus you have to remember we took 2 long trips this year: a 2 week Revolutionary War Trip out East and a 3 week Westward expansion / Rout 66 Roadtrip West. So this box entertained our children as we traveled from sea to shinning sea – literally! We do also have an ipad that I loaded with a couple of their favorite movies & shows, but the kids actually didn’t really touch it.  Since undoubtedly someone will ask – NO I don’t think kids need to be entertained 100% of the time! My kids are actually very self-entertaining. They can usually play by themselves doing one activity for an hour or more. And they also enjoy just looking out the window, singing songs as a family, talking, telling stories, sleeping, and talking amongst themselves. But when you spend about 150 hours driving in the car in one year you’ve got to plan for success!! =-)

There you go – hopefully that was helpful as you are planning a roadtrip & you found a new road trip ideas to make your road trips more fun and memorable. Do you have any great road trip games I’ve missed? I’d love to hear your tips & tricks too! Here are some great resources we’ve used and LOVE!
3 book bundle

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