Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hidden Mickey Inspired Pointillism Crayon Art

Today I wanted to share some Pointillism Inspired Hidden Mickey Melted Crayon Art. This was such a fun project as it combined our love of all things Disney with our Homeschool Art.
Disney Mickey Mouse Pointilism Melted Crayon Art

This project is a combination of a few of our favorite things – Disney, Pointillism artwork, and Melting Crayons! Who could ask for a better combination, right?

What is Pointilism Art?

In case you are unfamiliar with Pointillism painting that just looks like lots of dots on a canvas up close, but when you step back your mind blends the colorful dots to make a beautiful picture. Here is an example (I took the picture at the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art Museum in Washington D.C. and a close-up of the picture)

The picture to the left shows the painting up close – see the colorful dots. The picture at the left is Seurat’s complete work of art. Isn't it beautiful!

Disney Mickey Mouse Inspired Pointilism Art

Disney Mickey Mouse Pointilism Melted Crayon Art
We are all set-up and ready to begin creating our piece of art! These are just some of the crayons I bought at the back to school clearance sale – in my opinion it is worth it to stock up on some essentials for craft projects throughout the year.

Disney Mickey Mouse Pointilism Melted Crayon Art

Unlike our previous melted crayon artwork that used a blow dryer or oven to melt the crayon, this time we used a candle. We held the unwrapped crayon (so the paper didn't accidentally catch on fire) over the tip of the flame for about 2 seconds. Then we quickly touched it on our canvas to make a dot. It is a little time consuming, but really makes a cool pictures that does justice to Pointillism painting.

Note: I think it goes without saying, but since you are using fire please supervise this activity closely and use your best judgment if your child follows directions carefully enough to complete this project.

Disney Mickey Mouse Pointilism Melted Crayon Art

Since our piece of art was hidden mickeys inspired – we started by making the hidden Mickey’s and then filled in the colorful dots around them. We made several different sizes, facing different directions. The one on the bottom right was intentionally filled in to leave a spot for Goofy’s signature.

Homeschool Art is FUN!

Here is the half completed piece of art. You can see how the colorful dots are being applied throughout the entire canvas randomly. You can also see that some of the melted crayon wax has dripped on the candle & table – no biggie. It comes off easily =) If you are wondering, Goofy is trying to take off the paper from a  crayon here.

Disney Mickey Mouse Pointilism Melted Crayon Art

Here is our finished piece of art. Isn't it cool?!?!  You can see the hidden mickeys and lots of vivid colors. We also used light green to make a trail from one Mickey to the next – I think this helps you eyes have a flow when looking at the picture.

There is also an orange creamsicle color heart hidden in the bottom left of the picture – can you see it?   Goofy actually made this picture for his Grandma’s 70th birthday. I think Grandma is going to love it!

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  1. As a Disney-loving homeschool mom I LOVE this!! Can't wait to try and share.

  2. Very nice and creative idea. Learning about our great artists is important. Thanks.

  3. Very cool! I wonder if my (just turned) 4 yo could do this... I just asked him and he said yes. I guess we'll give it a try :) Thanks for sharing! Good job Goofy!


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