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Time Bump Clock Game

Don’t you love how time gets away from us? Whether I’m sitting down for a second to look at facebook, chatting with a friend, or trying to get the house cleaned, time always seems to fly past me. If you have a young elementary kiddos, you may have noticed that the practice of telling time seems to slip away from them as much as time can slip away from us?

FREE Time Bump- This free printable clock game will help first grade and second grade practice telling time in a fun way. Perfect for summer learning, homeschooling, after school, or math centers.

We live in a world where time is incredibly important.  Listen throughout your day for how many times people check the time!


Even though telling time is an important skill, the concept of it is very difficult for many children. Not only do they have to remember which hand is the minute and the hour, then they have to remember that when using the minute hand you have to count by fives. (Check out a few of these You Tube videos to help your little ones practice skip counting.) If we try to simplify time by just using a digital clock, we still complicate it for our sweet kiddos by saying things like half past, quarter till, or quarter past


Time Bump Clock Game

Children need constant exposure to telling time and all the language that goes with it. This Free Telling Time Bump Game does just that. This game designed for 1st and 2nd graders has three game boards with six analogue clocks on each one. Each game board has 18 game cards to accompany it with different ways to tell time.

For example, one of the game boards has an analogue clock that reads 3:15. There are three cards associated with that time: 3:15, quarter after 3, and fifteen after three. Students need to read the 3:15 on both analogue and digital clocks plus clock words “quarter after” and “fifteen after”.

Time Bump Clock Game

To prepare this activity, print off the game boards and game cards. we suggest using card stock for durability. Then, cut out the game cards and randomly place them in 3 differentiated learning cubes. If you don’t have one, no worries. Instead, place the cards face down on a table and have the children draw the cards from there.

Finally, gather up about 20 game pieces, 10 of two different colors. You can use Lego pieces, pattern blocks, or even counting chips.

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To Play:

Player one chooses one die to roll and rolls it. The player then finds an analogue clock on the game board that matches what he/she rolled. Once the correct analogue clock is found the player does one of the following…

  1. Covers up the empty clock with their game piece.
  2. BUMPS off the piece of the other player if there is only one game piece on the clock.
  3. Adds a second game piece to the one they have already placed on the clock to secure it.
  4. Does nothing because either they or the other player has secured that clock with two game pieces of the same color.

The game ends when all clocks have been secured. The player that has secured the most clocks wins.

Don’t let time slip away this summer from you or your kiddos! Have fun playing games with them and keep the concept of telling time from becoming a distant memory.

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Telling Time Clock game for 1st grade 2nd grade

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