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Monsters Inc. Birthday Party

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I had SO much fun creating Goofy’s Monsters Inc Party, I just had to share our party ideas with you!
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Monsters Inc. Birthday Party

I’m that crazy Mom who throws big elaborate party themes for my kids. I like to create things they have an interest in and create a special memory! So here was our special disney Monster Inc. birthday party.

Monsters Inc Invitations

monsters inc party ideas invitation

I made the invitations from solid cardstock. The front Mike Wazowski side was lime green with a giant 2” eyeball and sharpie drawn smile. The Sully back was a teal blue I glued to the front back. Then printed the information on purple paper that I cut into spots, cut out, and glued on. I put this in a custom made envelope.

NOTE: Make sure to check your envelope sizing meets USPS requirements. Mine was the right size, but required an additional $0.22 each because of the google eye that bulged out too much to be machine sorted. Still worth it, though!

Monsters Inc Cake Idea

White chocolate glazed Mike Wazowski cake
To make the cake I mixed and baked 2 cakes according to their individual recipes, making sure to thoroughly grease the pans (I used the Wilton non-stick spray).  I made a 9 x 13” chocolate cake and a Wilton Sports Ball yellow cake.  After they cooled completely I inverted the 9×13 on a cake board first. Then I put the two ball halves on top ‘gluing’ with my homemade butter cream frosting.

To frost the Mike ball portion I melted 1 bag vanilla chips, 6 TAB butter (I prefer the salted Target brand), 2 TAB light corn syrup, and Wilton Leaf Green + several drops neon green food coloring over low heat until had melted and was smooth. Carefully pour over round ball and smooth out with a spoon. It will dry/harden in about 10-15 minutes and provide a smoother finish than frosting.

monsters inc cake ideas
I piped homemade butter cream frosting over the rectangle to resemble Sulley’s fur. I used Wilton Violet and Wilton Sky Blue.  I made marshmallow fondant to make Mike Wazowski’s arms, letgs, teeth, eye, eyebrow, and horns. I colored in the eye with Edible Food Markers. We even used trick candles.

Monsters Inc Decorations

monsters inc party decorations

We cut up cardboard boxes to make doors. The kids helped me paint the doors. Once they were dry we made the panels and added a number that matched the door card.

laugh floor doors

I made an almost full-size door that opened to allow our monsters in training into the scare floor. I even made a laugh canister and the control panel (an old credit card machine from way back).

Monsters Inc Party Food

monster food

I carved a watermelon into a monster. He was a huge hit!

monster food ideas

We served Crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches with condiments to make your own monster!

mike eyeball

We also had monster eye deviled eggs and chips too.

green slime monster punch

All that topped off with Monster Green Slime Punch with floating eyeballs.

Monsters Inc Games

monster makeover monster makeover2 monster makeover3

The kids started out at the Monsters Inc Recruiting center where I had set-up signs guiding them to the Monster Styling Center (humans need not apply). Using face paint, hair accessories, mustaches, etc. the kids became a monster of their choosing. (Yep, I’m that mom that got the kids all Monsters Inc t-shirt from the Disney Store on sale)

monsters inc. pary games

Raz gave the kids name badges, their Monsters Inc hard hat, and paperwork. Then they entered the Scare Floor.

monsters inc party games

I used a large piece of cardboard to draw Pauley (one of the scarers from Monsters Inc). I cut out holes for eyes and attached plastic cups to the back. I drew a black eye at the bottom of the cup to create the look. Then the kids threw monster eyeballs into the cup. Goofy really enjoyed this game!

monsters inc party games laugh floor folder

Next the kids had to hunt for the door keys. Boo had played hide and seek and hidden them. Once they found them they had all the paperwork they needed to work on the scare floor!

entering her key card  what's behind the door

All the kids were excited to scan their door keys in the machine! The keys had a number that matched one of the doors. Behind most doors I tapped a picture of children, that our little monsters scared. There were also some favorite monsters from Monstropolis too!

monsters inc party favors

I gave each of the kids a Mike Wazowski inspired treat bag. They got treats from several of the Monsters Inc. characters they found:

  • Mike – bubbles in green bottle with eye ball on top & personal label thanking guests for coming to the party
  • Abominable – Ice Cream looking chalk (from Meijer)
  • George – Monsters Inc Socks 6 pack from Meijer $3.00 – George had lots of extra kid socks from all his visits to the human world =)
  • Sulley – Monsters Inc fruit snacks because a monster needs to keep up his energy and scaring is hard work!
  • Roz – Monsters Inc Pack ($1.00 each from Michaels or Meijer) – because Roz loves to hand out paperwork!
  • Randall – Candy Mood ring because he changes color
  • Boo – A Monsters Inc Bandaid (Meijer) because sometimes monsters get hurt with the CDA gets involved!
  • Celia – Silly String because of her stringy, silly hair! – The child that had this door key got to spray everyone else!

laugh canister playdough

We kept track of our scare leaders on the scare board I whipped up. I used the {free} Monsters Inc inspired font. To the left you can also see the Playdough Scream Canistesr I gave to the kids to make monsters using google eyes, buttons, feathers, and pipe cleaners.

monsters inc sensory activity

We used the play dough in our scare canisters to make Monstesr Inc. inspired play dough creations.

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