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Disney on Ice

In December we went to Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove (there are currently 5 different shows). We had an amazing time & the show was wonderful! Here are a couple things that I learned or tidbits I wanted to pass on to you.

December 2011 014December 2011 011
  • Small Venues are GREAT! We drove & met grandparents so we were at a smaller venue & it was a great idea. Even nosebleed seats aren’t bad if the stadium is smaller. Parking was $6 (compared to $20 some places).
  • Little girls dress up! Luckily I remembered this from when my hubby & I went a long time ago (before kids). Most little girls will dress up like a Princess.
  • The show was a good 2.5 hours with an intermission half way through (well worth the $12 we paid for our row 15 seats!)
  • Book early with a discount code (the best seats are swiped up by ticket liquidators and then sold for a scandalous amount of money). Search the web for Disney On Ice Discount Code – you’ll find them!!
  • Opening night (usually a Thursday) usually has $12 seats on the main floor! A real steal for a family of 5 (plus grandparents)
  • Programs are expensive $15 I think (we didn’t get one), coloring books ($5), cotton candy w/ cheap mouse ears hat $20 – bring your own goodies if you don’t want to more than double the cost of your evening out!
  • Someone licenses the Disney show so don’t expect to take pictures or get autographs with characters (although you can get a picture with a statue for $) or trade pins

Who you can expect to see at the Treasure Trove Show
Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald

December 2011 024

The White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Alice, Queen of Hearts, and Cards (the skating with the cards was really cool!)

December 2011 034

Big emphasis on Peter Pan story (part of why we choose this show!) Peter Pan flies, lost boys are silly, Captain Hook & Mr. Smee hunt Peter Pan and flee the crocodile, Tinkerbell flies, you go in their ship (canons are shot!), they skate to songs from Peter Pan & Pirates of Caribbean, a giant crocodile eats Captain Hook!

December 2011 055December 2011 043

Beautiful dancing & various scenes from Lion King. Amazing!
December 2011 073
Snow White, Wicked Queen, Dwarfs, Prince Charming- loved seeing this classic!

December 2011 080

Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, Abu as Elephant

December 2011 094December 2011 090

The Little Mermaid & friends from the ocean – such vivid costumes!

December 2011 100

Rapunzle & Flynn Rider – they began by having a child (from VIP section) help them fly a lantern. Then when you saw them do their dance you saw dozens of lanterns flying above them – gorgeous!

December 2011 101

Grand Finale – in case you missed one of your favorite princesses they all come out. It was fun to see all the Prince & Princesses out at the end!

December 2011 119December 2011 117

It was amazing & magical – what a great way to introduce the beauty of ice skating to my kiddos plus see their favorite characters! We had a wonderful time – every family should go!!

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