November 12, 2022
Frozen Birthday Party with FUN Frozen Party Games

Frozen Birthday Party with FUN Frozen Party Games


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When it was time for my daughter’s 6 year old birthday party this year there it was an easy decision – she loves Disney’s Frozen! Come take a peak at our Frozen Birthday Party with a Anna and Elsa cakes, Disney Frozen inspired no sew costume, Frozen party decorations, Frozen party games, and a really fun Olaf inspired lunch!
Frozen Birthday Party with a Anna and Elsa cakes, Disney Frozen inspired no sew costume, Frozen party decorations, Frozen party games, and a really fun Olaf inspired lunch!

Frozen Party Games

There are a lot of Disney parties in our house. What can I say, we are a Disney loving family! This  Frozen Party Theme is super cute and such a fun winter themed birthday party for kids of all ages. We included easy to make frozen decorations, a fun snowman lunch, gift ideas, and of course lots of frozen party games.  Since my birthday girl is a fan of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna we knew they had to be central to our theme. We made snow and pretty lights everywhere to bring Arendelle to life! And what would a party be without the loveable snowman Olaf! If you have a birthday boy you could incorporate the trolls, ice selling Kristoff and the lovable reindeer Sven!

Frozen Party Decorations

Frozen Party Decorations

Our party area was filled with white icicle lights on the ceiling and lots of white paper snowflakes we made. It was really beautiful!

Disney Frozen Table Decorations

The table was covered with a a white table cloth, light blue paper plates and straw. The plates were topped with a darker blue napkin and a small snowflake.

"Frozen" Flowers

The simple, DIY Frozen centerpiece for the middle of the table and the front of the Ana and Elsa cakes were made from clearance Christmas items from Joann Fabrics. It consisted of white garland and blue sparkly leaves. We also found the blue “frozen” looking  leaves on our bookshelf & gift table along with some sparkly blue tulle material from Joann Fabrics.
Frozen Olaf Inspired Birthday Party Lunch



Each child a blue plate with 3 balls of mashed potatoes. Then the kids picked accessories for their snowman from our veggie ray
do you want to make a snowman

Olaf Lunch

We choose a simple, inexpensive, and fun Frozen themed lunch for our birthday party. Our Olaf Inspired lunch consisted of a make-your-own Mashed Potato Snowman!

The kids had a lot of fun creating their snowmen. Plus it made for an inexpensive and healthy lunch too! The “stick” arms are slices of sausage links.

Olaf inspired lunch

Here is one of the snowman creations the kids came up with. There was a lot of variety! And the kids gobbled up their lunch!

Frozen Birthday Party Games

We decided to keep it simple. There were 9 kids from 3-8 years old at our party. Here are the fun, DIY Frozen games we played. In addition, we had some fun freeze dance using music from Disney’s Frozen.

Disney Frozen Inspired Birthday Party Games

Pin the Nose on Olaf

I made an Olaf out of white construction paper, a sharpie, grey colored pencil, and brown pipe cleaners.  Then I made orange noses out of craft foam for the kids to put on Olaf.

Make your own snowman frozen party game

Take Home Sock Snowman Craft

These were a great party favor for the kids and perfect for our winter snowman birthday party. I got inexpensive tube sock at Wal-Mart, buttons & top hats & large google eyes at Joann Fabrics, pieces of felt for scarves, pipe cleaners for arms, rubber bands to make segments, and stuffing to fill them up. (This was an idea from or S is for Snowman Week)

Frozen Anna & Elsa Cakes for Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen Cake

I used the Wilton doll cake pan, but wanted the face and hair to look more like Elsa & Anna. My daughter had 16” Anna & Elsa dolls that we put in a piping bag and secured at the top with a rubber band. Then I inserted the doll into the cooled cake and just iced the cake around her. This made the cakes look really realistic!

You will need 1.5 cake recipes to completely fill the pan to give it the height you’ll need to “burry” the dolls in the cake.Elsa's glittery cape

I used one homemade buttercream frosting recipe to decorate both cakes. For the cakes, I tinted 2/5ths with Wilton Turquoise food Gel for Elsa and another 2/5ths Wilton Royal Blue + Purple to get Anna’s dress color. Keep some frosting to tint for a piping bag to make the leaf and flower embellishments on Anna’s dress.
beautiful frozen cakes

Then I made 1/2 homemade marshmallow fondant recipe to make:

  • Anna’s purple cloak (made it in 2 parts a straight one from shoulders to mid skirt and a wide oval to go on top of the straight one for the cloak)
  • Elsa’s sparkly white cape (which I rolled out in edible glitter to give it the perfect amount of sparkle!)
  • Olaf (I used toothpicks to attach the arms)

Disney Frozen No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids

Don’t miss my tutorial with how to make a No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids! It is simple, inexpensive, and a priceless gift for your little princess!
No Sew Disney Frozen Elsa Costume for Kids

Frozen birthday gifts

You can make your sweetie an easy, no sew Elsa costume which. Some other fun ideas of  super cute frozen birthday gift ideas, check out these fun gift ideas for kids:

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Make your child birthday (or half birthday) extra special with one of these:

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Birthday Party Themes

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Disney activity sheets

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Disney Worksheets

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