Category - Compound Words

Kids will have fun understanding compound words with these fun, free compound words activities for kids.

Apple Compound Words Worksheets

Kids will have fun practicing making compounds words with these super cute, apple themed FREE Compound Words Worksheets perfect for first and 2nd graders.

5 Free Compound Words Activities

Students will have fun practicing compound words with these free printable compound word activities. First there are kindergarten printables that are for non-reading to be used as clip cards. Then...

FREE Compound Words Snowflake Puzzles

If you are working on reading compound words, these fun Compound Words Snowflake Puzzles will be a great addition to your school day! Match the compound words and write down the results!

FREE Compound Words Readers

Compound words encourage children to attempt to read and write more complex words. These Compound Words Readers are excellent for Kindergarten and Grade 1 children who are beginner readers but are...

FREE Compound Word Puzzles

Help kids visualize, understand, and learn compound words with these FREE Compound Word Puzzles. These are such a fun hands on learning activity for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade kids.

Learning Compound Words with Blocks

If your child can read short words now, it is time to move on to longer words. Compound words are easy to read since it is just two(or more) short words combined. Learning about compound words is fun...