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Learning Compound Words with Blocks

If your child can read short words now, it is time to move on to longer words. Compound words are easy to read since it is just two(or more) short words combined. Learning about compound words is fun with this game using blocks!

Compound Words Activities- this is such a fun learning activity for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids to understand and practice compound words.

Compound words are two (or more) root words combined to make a new word with a new meaning.

It usually is two (or more) words that does not have anything in common, but put together it makes a new word that means something.

This is a great hands on activity for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students.

Learning Compound Words with Blocks

using unifex cubes to learn compounds words

For this activity I used Unifix blocks and a white board marker:

using a sharpie write words on unifix cubes

I wrote words on different color blocks, like “play” on purple and “room” on white blocks to illustrate that they are both complete word son their own (root words).

BUT, you can combine the two and make a new word: “playroom”. This you call a compound word.

HINT:  You can find a list of compound words here and you can write words on all the sides of the blocks too!

compounds words learning activity for kids in kindergarten first grade, second grade

How to play:

  • Add all the same color blocks together.  Does this make any sense?
  • Are these real words? “Cakeprint?”, “Homeship”? No, it is a bit silly.
  • Fix it up to make compound words that DO make sense! For example: “Cupcake” and “friendship” are words that make sense.


  • Use every compound word in an oral or written sentence.
  • Draw pictures of the newly formed compound words.
  • Make up silly stories to explain meanings of words. For example: The cup and the cake went to school. It was time to play in the room, but the cake wanted to go home to do work…
learning compounds words through play with this hands on educational activity

Do you have any other clever ways of introducing compound words to children?

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