November 12, 2022
10 Ways  to RUIN Kids First Day Back to School

10 Ways to RUIN Kids First Day Back to School


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Ever heard of the terrible, horrible very bad day? Here could be your child’s own version with his terrible horrible back to school day!
This is HILARIOUS!!!! ---->10 way sto ruin kids 1st day fo school

RUIN Kids First Day Back to School

This is a intended as a funny, silly thing to make you busy moms laugh in the midst of the back to school chaos. I’m sure you won’t really try to ruin their first day of school!

  1. Instead of buying new clothes [since they outgrew their other ones] just add some duct tape to cover their ankles
  2. Drop them off late for their first day of school [the later the better!]
  3. Send them a tofu and bean salad for lunch [anything kids don’t usually like will do]
  4. Load up your kids backpack with everything they may need [don’t forget the kitchen sink!]
  5. Kiss them in front of their friends
  6. Wear your bathrobe and curlers in your hair to drop them off to school
  7. Forget to feed them breakfast
  8. Tell the teacher in a really loud voice that your kid has a weird rash that they will need to keep an eye on
  9. Make them wear a personalized family picture t-shirt to school [so they won’t forget you!]
  10. Pick them up late, really late!

Or I guess if you don’t want to ruin their first day of school…

back to school

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For my homeschool friends, don’t knock yourself out on the first day of homeschool. You’ve got all year to ruin their day and embarass them thoroughly [wink]


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