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6 Christmas Around the World Crafts

Learn about how other people around the world celebrate Christmas by reading and crafting.  A fun way to learn and remember about Christmas Traditions Around the World is by creating Christmas Around the World Crafts specific to each countries Christmas traditions.  Your children of all ages will have fun with this unique trip around the world!

Christmas Around the World Crafts - explore Christmas around the world for kids in China, Philipines, England, Mexico, Germany, and Sweeden with these super cute and fun to make christmas crafts for kids #christmasaroundtheworld #christmascrafts #christmas
Post Updated: Post originally published December 3, 2015.

Christmas Around the World for Kids

In December we do a lot of crafting along with our homeschool studies.  Last year, in addition to our regular studies we took a trip around the world- Christmas style! We read various books about how other countries celebrate the Christmas season and made a Christmas themed craft or activity to help us remember each country.  We visited six countries during our Christmas trip around the world– Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Philippines, England, and China.  Here are a few books and online resources we found helpful:



Christmas Around the World Crafts

Germany Christmas Craft for Kids

Germany Christmas Craft for Kids

Germany is known as the Gingerbread Capital of the World

, so to help us remember we made a gingerbread house ornament made from cardboard. To make one yourself, cut a house shape from cardboard and decorate with glitter glue, buttons, tissue paper, left-over candy, etc!

Sweden Christmas Craft

Sweden Christmas Craft

An important day in Sweden is the celebration of St. Lucia’s Day on December 13th. St. Lucia was a young Christian girl martyred for her faith.  It is said she wore candles on her head to keep her hands free to carry food for the needy.  The tradition is that young girls dress in a white gown with a candle crown, and young boys, named ‘Star Boys’ wear a white gown and a hat covered in stars. To help us remember the importance of St. Lucia’s Day to the Swedes, we made a St. Lucia and Star Boy Ornament from peg dolls.  We painted both dolls white.  Added a colorful sash to both dolls.  For the ‘Star Boy’ we made a cone shaped hat and covered it with hole punched stars  For St. Lucia we made her crown by using a pipe cleaner for the base and folded small strips of yellow pipe cleaners in half to make the candles.

Mexico Christmas Craft

Mexico Christmas Craft

We read that the popular Christmas flower, the Poinsettia comes from Mexico so we made a simple and beautiful paper tube Poinsettia ornament. To make one, you need to paint a paper tube red.  Once dried, cut the paper tube into thin circles.  Press the circle together and flatten it to make a leaf-like shape.  Do this six times.  Glue one end of the leaf-like shape together with a hot glue gun and continue until you have 6 “petals”.  We added a bit of glitter and painted the inside of the tube as well.

Christmas in Philippines

Christmas in Philippines

The most popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines is a Parol– a star lantern. We made our version of this colorful decoration using craft sticks and ribbon.  We hot glued five thin craft sticks into the shape of a star and attached colorful gift ribbon to the corners.

Christmas in England

Christmas in England

A fun family tradition in England is Christmas Crackers— a colorful tube filled with a present and/or treat.  The “fun” is in opening the cracker as it makes a loud “pop!” when opened! I created our own Christmas Crackers {minus the loud noise} by wrapping some treats in a paper tube and wrapping it with gift wrap and ribbon.  You can be sure my kiddos loved this!

Christmas in China

Christmas in China

Christmas isn’t widely recognized throughout China as only a small population are Christians; however, if people do celebrate they adorn their Christmas trees with paper chains, paper flowers, and/or paper lanterns. We chose to make paper lanterns.  We used 5×7 card stock to create mini lanterns based on this lantern tutorial.

To make your Christmas trip around the World more educational, you can also:

  • find the country on the map
  • check out google translate to hear the language
  • color a paper ornament like the country’s flag
  • make a festive holiday dish unique to that country to work on math skills!
  • copy work popular Christmas carol for writing practice

Craft and Pray for the World

Meaningful Christmas Fun for Christian Families

If you are looking for a meaningful way to spend the month of December focused on Jesus’ birth and what it means for the salvation of the world you are going to want to get Craft & Pray Around the World!  You will learn about 24 countries around the world including their Christmas traditions, how to practically pray for the people, and a simple ornament craft to represent the country you focused on.

FREE Christmas Around the World Activities for Kids - kids will have fun exploring over 30 countries while they learn about other countries holiday traditions, language, flag, geography, interesting facts and more. Includes Christmas crafts, recipes, FREE Christmas Around the World worksheets and more! #christmasaroundtheworld #christmasworksheets #free

We also have our Free Christmas Around the World series that includes free printables and in indepth look at more than 30 countries around the world including how they celebrate the holidays, customs, recipes, Christmas crafts, and so much more!

free chrsitmas worksheets for preschoolers and kindergartners Chrsitams Skip Counting worksheets christmas-beginning-sounds

Plus we have tons of other FREE Christmas pritnables and activities to help kids celebrate all December long!

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