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My daughter recently turned three. For her 3rd birthday party we had a farm themed birthday party. We had a lot of fun preschool farm games, inexpensive farm decorations, homemade farm cake, and more! The party was simple and inexpensive to throw together. We had a great time.
Farm Birthday Party

Farm Birthday Party Cake

Homemade Farm Birthday Cake
I made the Farm Birthday party Cake from scratch. I made our favorite chocolate cake recipe, frosted with my homemade Buttercream frosting, and decorated it with Marshmallow Fondant. All the animals, hay bales, pig, etc. are all hand formed from the marshmallow fondant.
Homemade Farm Birthday Cake
Since her party was in the fall, I decorated the back to look like fall. Here is a closer look at the back of the farm birthday cake.
DIY Marshmallow Fondant Duck, Hay Bales, Farm DIY Marshmallow Fondant Pig DIY Marshmallow Fondant Sheep
Here is a closer look at the Marshmallow Fondant made farm animals for farm themed birthday cake.

Farm Party Decorations

DIY Marshmallow Fondant Sheep

Barn & Silo

I made the barn & Silo from red plastic table clothes from the dollar store. I used masking tape we had laying around.


Yep, we bought a bale of hay from our local feed store for $6. It fit 3-4 kids on it and made a great backdrop.
Note: If you guests are allergic to hay, this may not be a good idea.
Farm Party Pig Balloon Decorations

Pig balloons

We made pigs out of pig balloons. I cut a kidney shape nose and added 2 black circle snouts and taped it onto the balloon. I used a sharpie to make two eyes. Finally, I taped two triangle ears that I folded along the bottom to make them stand up. I put the balloon “tail” in the back to be the pig tail.

We put the pigs in their own pen by standing up some short fence we had in our storage shed. It made the cutest pig pen for our party.
Farm Party Sheep Decoration and Sheer the SHeep Farm Game

DIY Sheep

I cut out the sheep body out of a cardboard box. Then I sprayed glue on the body and added Morning Glory Fluster Stuff 10oz Cluster Fiber (used to stuff craft stuff) to it. The texture looked just like a sheep!

I taped on a black balloon for the sheep’s head. Then I glued on construction paper eyes, ears, and mouth. Finally I taped black legs onto the bottom of the sheep. He was an adorable sheep!
Farm Party Milk the Cow Game and Decoration

Milking Cow Decoration

Our working, milking cow decoration was a cinch to make. We started out with saw horses. Then I slid a flattened box over the top to give it a more boxy shape. We threw a cow print plastic table cloth over the top. We attached a black balloon with a cow hat on top to the front to give him his head. (More on how we made the cow udders to milk under games below).
Farm Party Gather the Eggs Party Game


We used some loose straw to make a chicken nest. We added some Easter Eggs we had laying around and the cutest little stuffed animal chicken. The stuffed chicken came from Stuffed Safari. The "Aurora” brand stuffed animals are the most realistic, soft, and durable stuffed animals we have found. I highly recommend them.


We bought a stick horse for our daughter and used it as a backdrop at the party too. I’m told that sometimes the dollar store has these for $1 That would be a great party favor, but they weren’t available at the time we planned our party.

Farm Birthday Party Food

Farm Party Food

For our farm party we had some fun animal themed farm food served on red & burlap tablecloth. 
Farm Party Food Farm Party Chicken Feed Farm Party Food Pig Hamburgers
We served Fresh Vegetables in the “garden”, Chicken Feed (chex mix) in a burlap sack, Pig Hamburgers,
Farm Party Food Apple Dip  Farm Party Food Deviled Egg Chicks Farm Party Food Drinks
Cow Chocolate Milk and Homemade Lemonade, in an apple basket Apples with Peanut Butter Dip, and in an egg cartoon Deviled Egg Chicks.

Farm Party GamesFarm Party Games - Milk the Cow Game

A farm party is a great theme for boys and girls of lots of ages. Since our party was for a three year old our farm party games were for toddler, younger preschool age. But many are adaptable to older or younger.

  • Round up the Pigs! – The pigs all got loose from the pig pen. The kids had to gather up the pigs and put them back in the pen. There was lots of giggling with this game as our farmer kept helping the pigs escape again.
  • Sheer the Sheep – Our little farmers help sheet our sheep by pulling off all their wool and putting it in a burlap sack. The kids really enjoyed this game.
  • Gather the Eggs – Our silly chickens were laying eggs all over the house! The kids helped gather up all the (Easter) Eggs and put them in egg cartons. Note: Interesting fact, we own Easter Egger chickens and they really do lay green, blue, and pink eggs!
  • Herd your Animals – Each of our little farmers had a party hat that looked like a farm animal. For this games we had placed index cards with stickers of their farm animal on it around the house. Each little farmer had to find their 10 animals to bring back to the barn.
  • Milk the Cow – This was so much fun. My husband rigged up a glove under our cow decoration. The kids all got a chance to milk the cow. This was a HUGE hit!
  • Sack Races – We didn’t actually play this game as it was a party for 3 year olds, but I wanted to at least mention it for those of you with older kids. This is a great activity and you can get burlap or potato sacks on Amazon or Ebay.

My Pet Balloon - Cow!

My Pet Balloon

I found these my adorable My Pet Balloons. They are super cute & were a huge hit with my 3 year old. You fill them with helium (which our local party filled for $1.56). Then they “walk” as you pull them along. I think this was one of my daughter’s favorite things!

Additional Farm Fun

More Great Birthday Party IdeasChristmas Crafts for Kids cover in jpg


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