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Teaching Children about South America

It is so important to introduce the concept of other cultures, customs, and countries to children. It not only helps children see the beautiful diversity in our world, but to admire the uniqueness God made in each of us. Today I wanted to share a fun way to introduce your preschool or homeschool child to South America through Cancioncitas de Los Andes ebook and CD.
Kids explore South America with Daria's Cancioncitas de Los Andes

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I am thoroughly impressed with Cancioncitas de Los Andes e-book and CD by Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou. Daria is an accomplished musician who travels around the world sharing her passion for multicultural music with others. Cancioncitas de Los Andes is a special project as Daria shares music from her own childhood corner of the world.

Teaching Children about South America

Cancioncitas de Los Andes CD

The CD brings to life the rich culture of the people of Venezuela, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Chile who live in the Andes Mountains. The beautiful music from the Charango, Chapchas, and other traditional Andean instruments blend beautifully to produce a charming cd. We not only enjoyed listening to the CD during our reading of the ebook, coloring, and project, but also enjoyed listening to the music during school time or in the car too. I really love the mostly instrumental cd. (You can listen to samples of Cancioncitas de Los Andes on Amazon)

Cancioncitas de Los Andes ebook - teaching my homeschool kids about life in South America

Cancioncitas de Los Andes ebook

The 28 page ebook is so beautiful put together. It helps your child to see what life is like for the people from who live in the Andes Mountains. Beautiful photographs will make the customs, local animals, and traditions come alive to your child. My kids were very interested in all the vivid pictures. I love how the author, Daria,  included information on what local kids life is like. It really made it come alive to my children.
Coloring Charango - typical South American Guitar made from armadillo shell

Life in the Andes Mountains Coloring Pages

Also included in the ebook are several fun coloring sheets that will help reinforce some of the unique animals and cultural elements. My children were impressed by the Charango (a 10 stringed instrument made form the shell of a hairy armadillo) and a intrigued by Chapchas (rattle made from goat or sheep toenails).
DIY Zamponas - a South American Instrument made by Toddler, Preschool, and Homeschooler

Hands on Projects to Learn about South America

Included in the Cancioncitas de Los Andes ebook are several hands on project ideas for kids to learn about South America. We choose the make our own Zamponas – a type of panpipe made of hollow reed of different lengths.   It was easy, and fun to make. And just in case you were wondering if they really work – check this out:

Buy Cancioncitas de Los Andes ebook & CD

This was an excellent mini unit that completely immersed my toddler, preschooler, and homeschool child in the culture, music, and customs of people living in the Andes Mountains, South America. You can buy the ebook & CD combo for only $12.99.

This is a wonderfully affordable way to take your children on a cross cultural adventure.

Cancioncitas de Los Andes by Daria

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