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30 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Before you know it, it will Back to School time and you will be needing packed lunch ideas that are easy, healthy AND that your children actually will eat. Here are 30 Healthy School Lunch Ideas that is just that: easy and quick to prepare, healthy and so yummy your children won’t resist!

30 Fun, Easy, Healthy, and Creative School Lunch Ideas

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Get ready for back to school lunches with these 30 Healthy School Lunch Ideas that are sure to be a hit with your kids.
school lunches that are bite size and yummy

Most kids love pizza, right? You can’t go wrong then with these Mini Quinoa Pizza Bites or Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls.

Anything bite-sized is a winner, like Sweet and Sour Quinoa Balls and Cheese and Carrot Coins.


main meal muffins are perfect for packing school lunches

We do like muffins, normally I’d go for the chocolate chip kind, but these healthier options are a better choice. These Banana muffins are dairy and nut free and made with coconut oil while these Apple and cinnamon muffins are full of apple goodness!

For savory muffins try these Zucchini and ham muffins or Egg and Bacon Muffins, perfect for adding some protein to a lunch.

Make Ham & Cheese & Veggie Frittatas or Quick & Easy Cheese Scones beforehand, they do keep well and saves you some time too!

whats for lunch

Nothing says healthy like a lunch box with fruit. Try to make your own Fruit roll-ups, full of vitamins and really easy with only 3 ingredients.

Add Apple cookies that are made with real apple slices, Apple & Peanut Butter teeth that are just too fun or Strawberry Energy Bites to make a meal healthy without being “boring”.

fun finger foods for non sandwich school lunches

Your child will adore this fun Cat in the Hat snack made with bananas and strawberries and inspired by the popular Dr Seuss book.

Roll-ups or Sushi-like snacks make a lunch interesting, for example, Ham and Cheese Roll-ups or Peanut butter, banana and honey roll-ups and Turkey and Cheese SushiNutella and banana Sushi or Cucumber Sushi.

healthy lunch ideas

This Gluten-free Cucumber Sandwich idea is a great alternative to traditional sandwiches, although these Rainbow sandwiches look too pretty to eat!

With a little bit of imagination broccoli turns into Hulk nuggets and Penne Pasta with Edamame into pirate treasures!


yummy desserts for school lunches

Perhaps your child is not a big sandwich eater but will enjoy this BLT pasta salad.
Add food to sticks like these Sticky Stacky sandwiches or Grape Kebobs, so fun to eat and less messy too!

Homemade is best! Try your hand at Homemade granola bars or Homemade Go-Gurt  –  this will save you money and you know exactly what goes in it, especially if you have kids that have allergies.

healthy school lunch ideas

There you have it- thirty healthy school lunches to get you started this coming school year!

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