FREE Ordinal Numbers Coloring Pages

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

FREE Ordinal Numbers Coloring Pages

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Recently I was teaching my daughter about ordinal numbers and I found that this is not always a topic that is covered in great depth. It’s incredibly important, however, and I wanted to be sure she understood the distinction between a quantity and a positional number, so I created a fun set of ordinal number coloring pages for extra reinforcement. This is perfect for kids in kindergarten, first or second grade, and I hope you enjoy this fun freebie!
FREE Ordinal Numbers Coloring Pages - FUN way for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids to practice terms like first, second, last, etc. These free printable  worksheets make practicing this math concept fun by turning it into a math coloring page.

Ordinal Numbers 

What Are Ordinal Numbers?

We all know what counting numbers are. They express a quantity and answer the question, “how many?”

Ordinal numbers, on the other hand, express an object's position, relative to other objects.

For example, first (1st), second (2nd), third (3rd), etc.

As we seek to teach this distinction to our kids, it’s important to not only teach the difference between ordinal numbers and counting numbers, but also how to correctly write them.

ordinal numbers for kids

Ordinal Numbers Coloring Pages:

To help practice and reinforce this skill, I’ve created a simple set of ordinal numbers coloring pages, which you can download free at the end of this post.

This download includes 5 practice pages, and all you need to get started are some crayons (or markers or colored pencils).

Ordinal Numbers Coloring Pages

The first 2 pages help kids practice finding the position depending on the starting position. In other words, find the 3rd object if starting from the left versus starting from the right.

Kids will have to first note which side to start with, then find the appropriate position.

Ordinal Numbers math worksheets for kindergarten, first grade

There are then 2 pages which ask kids to distinguish between an ordinal number versus a quantity. For instance, one problem might say, “Color the 3rd troll,” while the next might say, “Color 3 trolls.”

ordinal numbers worksheet

There is then one last practice page to focus on these skills in a fun and low prep way.

I hope this provides a fun and super easy way to work on ordinal numbers with your kids!

And if you’d like another really easy way to practice, you might like this free ordinal numbers BUMP game. This is another low prep practice activity that kids can play with a partner using the board game, die and some game pieces.  Or you may be interested in Math Geek Mama membership, which includes even more fun and low-prep teaching materials.

What's your favorite way to introduce and practice with ordinal numbers? Share in the comments!
Ordinal Numbers Cover

Download Ordinal Numbers Coloring Pages

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