FREE Short Vowel Board Game

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

FREE Short Vowel Board Game

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Have fun with three letter words with this short vowel jump board game! Children in Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade can all benefit by thinking just about the middle sound or spelling out the whole word.
FREE Short Vowel Jump - this fun, free printable board game will help kids practice short vowels. This is perfect for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade.

How to prepare

No cutting required! Just print off the game board and reference sheet, either the color or black and white version. Laminate them if you like. You'll need a pencil and paper clip as a spinner (or add a brad if you have one) and a counter for each child.

Starting to learn

Before playing the game, look at the pictures together to see if you know what word the picture represents. Double check with the reference sheet and take special note of the middle vowel sound of each word. What does it sound like when it's pulled out of the word. Can you str-e-tch out the word and hear each individual sound?

Spelling pattern

Next, look at the way these words are spelled. They are all CVC consonent-vowel-consonent words. So if we can hear the first and last sound in the word all we need to do is work out the middle vowel and we'll be able to spell it or write it.

Print off this free short vowel board game and gain confidence with CVC words!

How to play Short Vowel Jump

  • Put counters on start
  • Spin a pencil and paper clip on the spinner.
  • If you land on a ‘u,’ for example, jump to the next picture that has a short ‘u’ sound, then spell it out loud. If you land on 'Jump 2' just jump two spaces. All these words follow the same CVC spelling pattern.
  • Children can use the reference word sheet if they need support.
  • They can jump to ‘you did it!’ when the vowel they spin is no longer represented in a picture ahead.
  • For writing practice, write down the word they land on each time.
Practice spelling and writing CVC words with this short vowel jump activity.

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Download Short Vowel Game

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